Doctor Anxiety

Does going to the doctor stress anyone else out?

I started thinking, last week, that should make dental and eye appointments before the end of the year and I can still feel the effects of the adrenaline spikes in my body. Mind you, I didn't make any appointments, I just thought about it. Everytime I go to see do go to see the doctor, I'm subjected to a barrage of tests and questions b/c my bp & heart rate are off the charts. They never can find anything wrong and by the end of the visit my numbers are in the normal range.

What can I do about it? Maybe I should go take another look at the pot thread...
That happens to a lot of people...because the office staff is usually in so much of a rush that they don't let you sit for 5 minutes before taking your vitals and BP, like they're supposed to. Just tell them you need 5 minutes. Tell them it's not good medical practice to take a BP on someone who hasn't been sitting, back supported, for at least5 minutes. Make them do their job right. Tell them to read the directions on their sphygmomanometer.
that happens to me too, my bp is high when they take it right at the beginning. quite a few of them, have taken it again at the end of the appointment, after i've been sitting, talking, and relaxing with the np for awhile. one np called it white coat syndrome and when she took my bp at the end it was fine.
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Syphygmomanometer is an extremely hard word to say. And spell. Maybe that's why it's not included in "speak and spell" toys.

Anyway, I hate going to the eye doctor. I hate the drops, the puff of air, the dilation. It's horrid.

I'm with you, CC.

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