My Boss Is Like Steve Carell From The Office

After a year, I still really don't know what he does because the other two bosses in the past 15 years that have had that position have been very hands on an actually step out of their office now and then.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago after a staff meeting he comes into my office and says, "You sing, right?"
"Well, I was thinking that for the next staff meeting I'll bring my guitar and you can sing a song and I'll play to get the meeting started."
"Just think about it. I'm just looking to change things a little."

So yesterday he sent me an email with such forced jocularity that it makes me a little ill. He writes:

Hello Ms. Springcurl,
Are you interested and able to cover a webinar this coming Wednesday, 9/23, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 PM EDT?
This client (Learning Times) LOVES your work. I love your work. Iíd still like to hear you sing, but thatís another matter!
Please let me know at your earliest convenience, so we can firm up our schedule.

In closing let me say,
Thank you, thankyouverymuch.


So I wrote back saying:

I believe I'm already scheduled for this, Pat.

And he wrote back with:

Why, Ms. Springcurl, you are, of course, correct. I thought it was a newbee- the guy just added 4 more sessions, not 5 as his email stated. Duh!

Glad you are on it.

Today I got an email with the subject line: "House."

Did you watch yet? What did ya think?


I have ZERO interest in making small talk with him-- especially through email. What the heck?

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Yep. I agree, that is pretty weird and seems a little unprofessional in a naive way, just like Michael from the office. :-) Good luck to you. At least you'll have interesting stories to tell.
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I think Steve Carell is hot.

It is strange that this silent boss has suddenly started buddying up with you. Are you wearing a new perfume? LOL

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Awww, I kind of feel bad for the guy. Although it is weird, maybe he's just trying to be liked.

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Springcurl, hahaha! I laughed a couple of seconds after reading that. Ja, your boss sounds a little random. If you don't wanna make small talk with him just don't reply to his email, but answer his question (about House) in person if it comes up again.

Sounds like he's trying to be friendly and a "down-to-earth" boss, lol.
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yes, i really dont like to cross the line from professional to personal. i think ur replies were great! i hope it doesnt get too weird for u... (truthfully, i think its a matter of time because he asks you out for dinner or a drink )
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At my school we have a teacher just like Michael but shes a girl and a student like dwight. He is obsessed with Nazis and world war II. During Social Studies he always says "...Hitler was a genious," under his breath.

Once we were talking about the death penalty and our teacher (not Michael one) says "i don't know who could stand pressing that button thats ends someones life. I know I wouldnt" Dwight Student says, "Oh I could. I could any day" Dead seriously. It was scary.

In social studies we talked about Guantanimo Bay and he says he that scary dead hilarously serious voice "They still had answers. I know it"

He is sooooo Dwight its unbeleivable!
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