How much holiday leave a year do you get?

21 vacation days
And the following holidays: New Year's, Betico day, Carnaval monday, National holiday, Queen's day, Labor day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ascencion day?, 24th Dec half day off, Christmas, 26th Dec, 31st Dec half day off.
It's five o'clock somewhere!

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Wahhh everyone has better benefits than me, lol.

I forgot to whine about the fact that I don't get to carry anything over. If we don't use 'em, we lose 'em. Sucks. The downside to working for a very small business I suppose.
Originally Posted by Rheanna
Same here. I get 12 vacation days per year. No specified amount of sick or personal days. Basically, it's at the owners discretion. We don't get docked if we miss 6-7 days per year, but if someone is calling in 2-3 times a month he starts looking at that person a bit closer and decides whether dock it off their pay.
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I get six weeks' of PTO (Personal Time Off) per year, not including birthday holiday and legal holidays. That includes time off for sickness or family emergencies. So, it's not like 6 weeks of vacation, though I could foolishly use it that way if I wanted to.

We can bank up to half of that time per year up to 800 hours; meant to be used for FMLA or emergencies, not vacation.

New employees at my corporation start at 3 weeks PTO per year. They also get a birthday holiday and all bank and legal holidays in addition to that. I get more because I've been there for 8 years and because I started with more because I am in management.
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5 weeks paid vacation a year, 4 weeks unpaid (optional, but I always take it), 12 paid days off (statutory holidays) and some sick days, don't know exactly - it's a formula based on hours worked and carries over from year to year.
I'm in grad school now, so it's as much as I feel I can afford!

When I was working in Bermuda, I had 15 days paid vacation, with the option to take another 5 days unpaid, another 2-3 weeks sick leave, and the 10 national holidays.

I'm not sure if there's a mandatory minimum amount, but I'd assume that 15 days is pretty much the minimum since this was my first job straight out of college. I took every single one of my vacation days, including the optional days, every year that I worked. The great thing about working in Bermuda is that people respect your personal life and expect you to take vacations.
with the provincial government here in Ontario, you get 6 sick days at 100% of your salary then 120 days after that at 80% before long term disability insurance kicks in at 75% of your salary.

i can carry over one full years' worth of vacation. right now, i have 3.5 days that i MUST use by the end of the year.
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I get 4 weeks vacation (not including statutory holidays). Being salary, my sick days are not counted (PIF), but I assume would be if I was taking advantage.
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9 hours per pay period of earned time off (includes sick time and vacation time).

So approximately 30 days per year. No legal minimum.
Originally Posted by curlyarca
Do you also get the regular holidays on top of that?
Originally Posted by violets
Yes: New Years, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving, Christmas. If for some reason we have to work on a holiday (rarely) we get paid extra.

Also as an exempt employee I also get comp time and most Thursdays off.

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Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Dissolving Bikini Wearer
Me too.
2 months (June15-Aug15) + the week between Christmas and New Years + stat holidays.

I teach at a Uni, so no time off at all from Sept-May.

I believe is the law here is that you get 2 weeks paid holiday + statutory holidays, after working for 1 year.

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I get 25 days - 22 to be taken when I want and 3 to be take on fixed days between Christmas and New Year. Plus Bank holidays.
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This one is easy. I get zero.
Well, most restaurants will give you a week off after you've worked one full year. It's not always paid. Depends on the place being corporate or not or if there's union there (not the case for most restaurants because they basically kill restaurants).
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Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Dissolving Bikini Wearer
Me too.
Originally Posted by Rheanna
I hear ya!
Starting a new job doesn't help. I had over 4 and a half weeks at my old job plus sick days that you could take when you are actually sick. Now sick days I have lumped with my vacation so I am temped to go to work when sick, which is not always good for me.
3 weeks vacation--earned at the 4 year mark--employees start with 2--since weekends don't count, that's 15 days
2 weeks sick leave--again no weekends--10 days
10 company holidays.
I get 20 days vacation (based on tenure)
3 personal days
7 paid federal holidays
5 sick days
4 paid days off between Christmas/New Year's....

.... and I still get tired, burned out and want more time off!
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I think I get a total of 160 hours of PTO, and I've almost maxed that out because I can't ever really take time off.

Also work weekends and holidays.
I get 15 days of vacation per year. No personal days. No time off at Christmas. Don't get stat holidays off, unless they fall on a regular day off for me. We don't have a limit on sick time, though if it gets to be too much a supervisor will come looking for us...

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I get 26 days total-they can be used for vacation and/or sick days. In addition to that I get 10 paid holidays.
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I get three weeks paid vacation, but I only work 144 days a year(max) have TONS of time off!!

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