How much holiday leave a year do you get?

I'm just being nosy. Also, is there a legal minimum where you are?

I get 22 days a year. Bank and public holidays are on top of that. Sickness is on top of that.

The legal minimum is 28 days here (England). But, bank and public holidays can be included in that. By my reckoning, there are 8 bank and public holidays here a year.
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No legal minimum here, at least as far as I am aware.

I get 5 vacation and 3 sick/personal days. And then paid holidays for New Years Day, April 16th (I work in accounting and that's a paid holiday at our office!), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, and Christmas Day. Working Christmas Eve and New Years Eve is optional, but it isn't paid time off.

Soooo I guess I get 16 days off total. Considering we have to work part of a day on Saturday for 4 months out of the year, as well as working 8-6 those same 4 months, it really isn't nearly enough time off. Not even close.
9 hours per pay period of earned time off (includes sick time and vacation time).

So approximately 30 days per year. No legal minimum.

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16 days of vacation and sick time plus
these holidays - New Years Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.
9 hours per pay period of earned time off (includes sick time and vacation time).

So approximately 30 days per year. No legal minimum.
Originally Posted by curlyarca
Do you also get the regular holidays on top of that?
I have an annual goal. It doesn't matter how much I work or don't work as long as I bring in as much as I say I will. I end up taking about three weeks (15 days) a year with the odd half day here and there.
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It's all PTO. We get the equivalent of 10 days a year..big wup..
If we are scheduled to work on a holiday, we get extra pay for that. I usually take off on TG, X-mas to be w/ my fam...
When I go to PT, I won't be getting PTO...I'll just take off w/o pay. We only get to roll over 20 hrs of PTO w/ this new merger...another big wup... We got to roll over at least 80 in a 2-year period before the
i have 15 vacation days and 3 personal days.

in my province in Canada there are 12 government holidays, which are not the same as statutory holidays that are the same in every province.

if a holiday falls on a weekend, we get the next business day off.

for example, in Canada, Christmas is a 2-day holiday because Boxing Day (December 26th) is also a holiday here. this year Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, so i get Monday the 28th off.
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2 weeks vacation
3 days Spring Break
2 weeks at winter break
2 personal days
12 sick days
Every Friday off in Summer
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Annual leave - 8 hours per pay period - 208 hours (26 days) a year with a maximum carryover to the next year of 240 hours. I think this year I will end with just about 150 hours.

Sick leave - 4 hours per pay period - 104 hours (13 days) a year with no maximum carryover. I think I have about 250 hours now and will end with under 300 hours.

Holidays - All Federal holidays.

Comp time for travel - if I travel on weekends, as a supervisor I get comp time instead of overtime, so I have that to use too.
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When I left my last job, I was getting 20 vacation days, 7 sick days, and 10 holidays per year. That was after 5 years working there. Prior to that, I got 15 vacation days plus the other time.
I get 1.5 vacation days a month and I get to carryover 10 a year. I can't remember how many personal days I get, around 5, maybe? I get 1 sick day a month and those I never lose. For holidays we get New Years Day, MLK, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days) and Christmas Day.
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Wahhh everyone has better benefits than me, lol.

I forgot to whine about the fact that I don't get to carry anything over. If we don't use 'em, we lose 'em. Sucks. The downside to working for a very small business I suppose.
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10 hours per month. Any unused time rolls over to the next month + 10 more hours. We are allowed to bank up to 120 hours and can carry it over to the next year if we have any left. We get all religious and federal holidays off with pay.

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My job band gets 21 vacation days, about 40 sick hours, and two personal days. We can also purchase seven extra vacation days. They just take out a few dollars out of each paycheck if we choose to do that.
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20 vacation days (I think we started with ten, move up to 15 after 5 years and 20 after 10, if I recall correctly). Not that I ever use all of them.
3 personal days
6 sick days
9 holidays?
1/2 day fridays in the summer (but we work longer hours the rest of the week)
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Wahhh everyone has better benefits than me, lol.

I forgot to whine about the fact that I don't get to carry anything over. If we don't use 'em, we lose 'em. Sucks. The downside to working for a very small business I suppose.
Originally Posted by Rheanna
Thing is I work for a big company, but we're getting farked up the ass w/ this new merger...
I accrue:

9 hours per month for vacation (will be 10 hours in March)

8 hours per month for sick

3 personal days per year

We also get Thanksgiving day and the day after, which is nice, and random other holidays. We also get San Jacinto Day off in April, which is the Friday during Fiesta.

And this year, for the first time, we get the week between Christmas and New Year's off without having to use vacation.

When I worked for Accenture, we got five weeks of PTO every year. That was the only good thing about working there. Well, that and the fact that parking was free and close.

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None. I'm a SAHM! LOL

DH has 4 weeks paid vacation + 5 days of sick time. He also gets the major US holidays off and 2 diversity days (for those who celebrate other holidays like Yom Kippur or Ramadan).
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around 20 vacation days, not sure how many sick days, 2 personal days, 9 holidays, and this year -- 6 mandatory furlough days.
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