Can you get financial aid if you already have a BA?

I'm thinking I might need to go back to school and will be looking into it for the Spring 2010 semester if I do not find a job soon. I already have a 4-year BA degree and was able to get some financial aid. I would probably go back for a 2-year degree or a specialized training program. So my question is, if I have already received financial aid and completed a degree, would I be eligible for more assistance?
Yup. I'm finishing up my second Master's right now, and I was approved for it after completing my 4 yr degree.
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Yes. I got financial aid when I got my BA and now I'm getting it again for my second degree, a BSN. As long as you're in good standing, you shouldn't have a problem.
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I hope so! I am working on my BA right now and would like to get a Masters eventually.
Yes, absolutely. You'll just need to fill out the FAFSA this winter.

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