what would you do in this situation?

I know everyone says that if you are in your car with a tornado spinning around somewhere close, that u should find the nearest ditch. I don't know what I would do in that situation in all honesty. A ditch seems so open. And the thought of the tornado spinning right over my head and flipping my body across town seems more real in a ditch. If you try to outrun it, it is 50/50 that you'll make it. If you flop yourself in a ditch and it heads to your vicinity, it's safe to say that you'll die. I know of 2 people who went to the ditch - 1 died and the other is paralyzed. I also know how risky it is trying to outrun one. You are damned either way.

So, If you see this giant tornado 3 miles away, which route do you think you'll choose? And if you think you'll choose to ditch, will it matter to you if it isn't a deep ditch?

Personally, I would head for the ditch, but I *may* try to outrun it if the ditch isn't deep.
oh gosh. i really hope to never be in that situation. luckily, the tornadoes that have affected my area have never touched down. but now lliving in GA, i guess its best to be prepared?? on my most driven paths, there are a lot of car dealerships and other business. i would definitely take cover at a place. but if i were in the middle of no where, i think i'll try to take cover behind a tree? i would definitely hide tho. i dont run too fast
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If a tornado were three miles away and heading toward me, you'd better believe I'd be driving like hell away from it. FAST.

If it were really close, I'd have to try the ditch.

Rock on with your bad self.


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Okay, I must admit I was in this situation this last spring with my children in the car (okay Suburban thankfully). I had no choice but to keep going there was no ditches near me (highway, flat farmland). I could see the air twirling around me and debris going across the road. I have never been so scared in my life. It was nuts. I couldn't do a u-turn in the middle of a highway...so I just kept going. Needless to say we made it home okay but I was shaking for over an hour and me and the kids sat in the closet for probably 30 minutes while listening to the wind howl. Later that night I found out a tornado landed probably 10 miles west of where we were...I was seeing the start of it.

I now pay attention to the weather before I leave the house but I swear it looked like rain and I had no idea we were under a tornado watch before I left the house to go pick up my kiddos.
Humm... Tough question. I would say I would drive like a crazy arse to find somewhere safe like a DEEP ditch, a tunnel or something. If nothing was availabe I would drive, fast, weather it be on the road or roughing it through farm fields....
The thought of tornadoes make my heart go bananas and make me nauseous. Living in Texas for 11 years, I've heard enough sirens and have seen the sky turn green enough times to know that tornadoes are not for me.

If I were in that scenario, I'd drive hard and fast for as long as I could. Otherwise, I'd probably squeeze into a sewer drain or some other desperate thing and probably end up accidently killing myself instead the tornado doing the job.
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