Accounting Makes No Sense To Me

Here's a letter I got from my work's accounting department today.

Im writing to notify you that your paycheck on 9/4/09 included a lump sum payment of $500. This was to acknowledge your night-time scheduled hours. This payment was processed incorrectly, so to correct the payment payroll needs to re-issue the check. For the 10/2/09 paycheck, your regular bi-weekly payment will be reduced by $500 to cancel out the previous payment. A separate check will also be issued at the same time to reflect the original $500 payment

So let me get this straight: I got $500. Now they're taking it out of my paycheck, only to give it back to me in a separate check on my payday.


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That is pretty stupid. Can't they just fix it on their end instead of, in the end, issuing three checks for the same thing?
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lol...yep, yep, yep...hubby would get a kick outta that & at the same time tell me about the 'logic' involved.....urgh
since i work in a government tax office with dozens of government tax auditors, my suspicion is that it has to do something with how that is taxed apart from your regular salary.
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I'm sure it's just to maintain a clear audit trail, being sure it's within you company's own accounting guidelines and, as Rouquinne says, probably especially due to tax issues related to the additional pay.

Companies have to jump thru a lot more hoops like this since Sarbanes-Oxley went into effect.
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I have a degree in accounting, so I agree with Rou that it's probably about taxes, or even one check needing to come off of a specific ledger account dealing just with nightime hours.

Accounting seldom has to do with actual numbers and more the law and tracking of those numbers.
Accounting seldom has to do with actual numbers and more the law and tracking of those numbers.
Originally Posted by M2LR
Sometimes it is just easier to cancel and re-issue from the correct account than it is to make multiple adjustments to the ledgers.
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