Can a police officer search your car without a warrant?

So Wile, are you training to be a cop? Or something else? Just curious .
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You're good, because I stop for no one in the middle of the night if I'm driving alone.

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It is intimidating to tell a cop no, but you can and then they have to decide if what they would say to a judge would pass muster and they'd get their warrant. Probably not. They can, however, I believe, eyeball whatever is in plain sight and if they see something illegal, that's probable cause for them to search further.

That used to be the law, anyway.

RCW, I wouldn't advise my son to always let them have their way, but I have tried to stress the importance of being polite. So far no serious run-ins with the police.
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Also, I've never heard of the advice to refuse a breathalizer (sp?) if you have been drinking. Can someone elaborate on this? How can you really get out of a DUI?? It just seems to good to be true to get pulled over after drinking, refuse the breathalizer, spend a night in jail and then get off free. Hopefully I won't ever be put in this situation anyway. *knock on wood*
Originally Posted by MissJ

I don't think that works. I've never gotten a DUI, but I think if you refuse the breath test, they can take you to the hospital for a forced blood test. If they suspect you are intoxicated, you're gonna get tested, one way or another.

I was evaluated for intoxication one time. The cop pulled me over for something else, and it was really cold out and I guess he thought I slurred my speech or something (my teeth were chattering), because he made me get out and walk a line and put my finger on my nose. I must have passed (I was stone cold sober) because he didn't suggest a breath test and I was allowed to go on my way.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Maine has an implied consent give permission for the breathalyzer just by driving. Refusing the test is an automatic 275 day license suspension, on top of whatever punishment you get if you're over .08 when they finally get the test.
Originally Posted by Curlywaves
In FL, if you refuse to submit to a breathalyzer, urinalysis or blood test, your refusal is admissible in a DUI criminal proceeding. If you refuse, you will lose your license for one year. Again, implied consent.

If you injure someone in an accident, medical personnel can forcibly take blood from you.

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RCW, I wouldn't advise my son to always let them have their way, but I have tried to stress the importance of being polite. So far no serious run-ins with the police.
Originally Posted by mandyv

When you have egotistical guys who got their jobs not because of qualifications but because of family alliances, who have guns, nightsticks, and power-trips a whole lot bigger than their penises throw you over the hood of your own do exactly what they tell you.

RCW, I wouldn't advise my son to always let them have their way, but I have tried to stress the importance of being polite.
Originally Posted by mandyv

LOL, that's kind of a contradiction. I don't think it's that simple all the time.
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I'll let y'all know how it goes since it's be a while...
When they ask you to step out of your car lock it behind you.. They don't have a choice but to get warrant. Never give permission, never open the hood/trunk..

It pushes it back on them to see how big of D they really want to be. Fishing they will usually give it up and move on.. Cause they will have to explain why they want to search the car.

Just cause isn't going to cut it..

I've been stopped many times after getting out of the race track = ie they want to ticket and crush cars of street racers.. Sure you find the street racers at the race track.. Dude I'm tired from being here all day - go bust someone else..
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