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Salary or Hourly?

For those of you who work outside the home, do you get paid salary or hourly? My previous job was salary but this one is hourly. It's nice sometimes (like when I work overtime), but mostly it's just a pain.
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i work as a consultant, so i get paid by the hour.
salary. it sucks when i work weekends.

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Salary. I like that I can depend on a set income and not have to worry that one week I was sick or had to leave early/come in late for some reason.
If I work overtime, though, I do get to put the hours on a timesheet and get paid for those as well.
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Salary + Comp Time + time to do volunteer work on work hours
Officially it's hourly. However, I get paid the exact same amount every week (I get sick time, vacation time, holiday time, or personal time if I was out one day), and we don't get any overtime, it might as well be salary. Basically, I put 8 hours per day on my time sheet, then designate if those hours are regular, or sick pay, or vacation, etc. If I have to work a little extra for a project or something, then usually they will let me take "comp time", i.e. just leave a little early another day, off the record.
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I've done both and quite honestly, I like getting paid hourly, which is what I have now.

I get plenty of sick time and vacation/personal time. So having a short check because I missed time is never an issue. If I'm off, it's because of a planned vacation and I get paid the same rate. Or, if it's unplanned, I use personal or sick time (depending on the circumstance). We're expected to put in our full workweek, and I'd have to get permission to take unpaid time off. Also, I don't have to put up with any of the stupid rules about missing holiday pay if you take the day beforehand off, or whatever. We don't have that. My check is the same each and every pay period (unless I've gotten a bonus or a raise or worked overtime...and in those cases the change is obviously in my favor).

I really just like getting compensated for all my time. When I was salaried, I was working way too much overtime and getting zilch for it. Now if I work overtime, I get paid accordingly. I like it much better this way.

I realize there's a certain amount of prestige at certain places if you've moved "up" to a salaried position, but I personally don't care about that either, and my current job isn't like that anyway.
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I am salary. I rarely have to stay late or come in early, so it works out for me. I can also leave for doctor's appointments, personal things, etc. if I need to, without the time being taken from my pay. I get the same exact amount of pay twice a month no matter what.
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I am hourly and I love it. The overtime rocks! I rarely have a week when I don't get at least 2 1/2 hours of overtime so it's wonderful.

I also get vacation, sick, and personal paid time as well.
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I only have a "job," not anything like a "career" (yet)..... so I get paid hourly.
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Hourly. It sucks when I'm sick and have to pretend like I'm not so I can stay at work.

(And yes I know that you're not supposed to go to work when you're sick but I care not. Meanies should have me on salary.)
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Salary. I work 37 hours a week and am paid what my hourly wage would be for anything up to 40, then time and a half that for anything over 40.

The only diffrence I notice is the leeway for apointments and such. Thats definatly a nice bonus!
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I have an office job (hardly what you'd call a career) and get paid salary. I never work overtime (actually I only work 30 hours a week), have as many vacation/sick/personal days off as I want (I try to keep it around 25 a year), can go to appointments as needed.
Besides the fact that my boss has extreme ADD/OCD, I have a great job.
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Hourly. I'm a full-time sales rep, but non-exempt. So I get overtime which is okay sometimes, but I prefer comp time which is hard to get where I work because it's outside their box.
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Nurse....get paid hourly.

So when we're busy and I can't get off the floor because it's a zoo...I get paid for it. And I get double for holidays and shift differential. Plus plently of sick/vacation time... So it all works out.
Yeah with mine being hourly, I still get personal days and vacation days (though not very many my first year) so I never have unpaid time off - always get paid for at least 40 hours/week.

I was so spoiled in my old (salary) job. I never had to stay late or do overtime, and my boss was so laid back since we were such a small company that he never kept track of our time off. If we requested it and it was reasonable, he granted it.
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I'm a flight attendant. We get paid per trip...which comes out pretty close to per hour.
I'm on salary + developer's fees. I work 9-5 M-F and take an hour for lunch. We rarely work past 5.
I'm on salary for 40 hours a week. I also work at least one Saturday a month, for which I get one full comp day. That's all well and good, but I do not get compensated for the extra time I come in to prep before a class or the time that I spend after one to clean up or to catch up on work (I'm a Corporate Trainer). I also tend to bring stuff home so I can prep in silence without being interrupted. No pay for that either.
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