It smells like dirt in my house...

The first rain since last winter/spring started last night and it's been raining heavily ever since. I noticed a faint dirt smell this morning, but I just got home and was hit with the smell as soon as I walked in. I can't figure out what would cause the house to smell so strongly of dirt. We have a fire place, could it be coming from that (there's no water in it)? There's also a wall heater, which there is water coming out of (landlord is coming to look at it today), could it have something to do with that? I'm concerned about possible mold or something, although the landlords had the house inspected when they bought it about 6 months ago. Any ideas on why rain would bring on that smell?

Nope, no dog (unfortunately the cutie in my avatar isn't mine). I thought maybe the crawl space to get under the house was open because it got left open one time and it smelled like dirt, but it's closed.

What does "dirt" smell like? Garbage? A dead animal under the porch? Sewage back up? Or literally, like potting soil kinda dirt?

I'm not sure what dirt smells like either. If you mean there's a musty sort of smell, I guess it could be the heaters if you just turned them on for the first time this year. They are supposed to be vacuumed out once a year because dust accumulates on the coils. We get a musty smell in one area of the basement if it rains a lot. It's because the water seeps up through the concrete floor a bit. I don't think you'd have this problem with a regular foundation though.
It really smells like plain old dirt. When the crawl space was left open we were smelling the damp soil under the house, and that's what it smells like. It's so weird!

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