Insulating windows + other tips to stay warm?

I've seen in the Lowe's sales paper they dropped the price to a programmable thermostat to $20. Even at Walmart they run about $25, which is where we got ours at. I do believe there are different types depending on what type of wiring you have or type of thermostat is currently installed. Maybe a quick search online would give you a little info about it before you buy one.

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OK he said a fifty dollars thermosat will do the job. Honeywell is a good product and depending if you want more gadgets on it or just a knob the prices will vary. you can install it yourself but he wouldnt recommend it. HTH. now for my fee...
Originally Posted by OBB
Excellent! I'll give them a look and do some research on what might be best with what I've got now (good call, spring). And I'll see whether it looks simple enough to do myself. SO would probably get a kick out of it, though. Depends on how long it'll be till he comes to town.

And as for your fee ... hmm. Well, the cookies I bake (read: cookie dough I buy and then stick in the oven ) are pretty popular!
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Changing a thermostat will not fry you. The voltage is stepped way down.
Originally Posted by SuZenGuide

and ALWAYS FLIP THE CIRCUIT BREAKER cutting the power to that wall/part of the house..

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