We accepted an offer on our house!!

I've been down in Florida since the beginning of October. It's been a tough adjustment since my mom and I are clashing incredibly for some reason. And we're just having a tough time getting acclimated. My husband is still up north getting the house sold, and we've been waiting for offers as he's having it shown and stuff.

But we got an offer, exactly what we were looking for, and he should be down here by the end of November! Permanently. Well, permanently with us anyway. We're still deciding on whether Florida is where we want to stay, but we will see.

I'm just so excited about being able to finalize stuff and having us all together again. I will be even more excited when I'm able to have MY stuff in MY house, but that's just going to have to wait.
Glad to hear it. I hope the deal works out well and you can figure things out about where to live. GOOD LUCK!
Good deal.

I expect you and your mom have been clashing because you had been under such stress, and prolonged stress, at that. Now that the house is sold and your husband is on his way to you, your stress will lessen, and your relationship with your mom will improve.

Best of luck to you!

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Good for you guys. I sure hope this is the fresh start you need
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I hope that's the reason, PH. Plus she's been on vacation for 2 weeks so we've been in eachothers face constantly. Now that she's gone back to work and I can go back to being mom to my girls, and doing my daily thing, it should even out.

Yes, once we got closer to the move, I started to question if Florida was really where I wanted to be. I mean, I never really wanted to be this far South. This was kind of one of my moms typical impulsive things that she HAD to do, and then manipulated me to go along with it.

She is such a nomad, and so wishy washy, that I'm sure moving again would not be out of the question for her. I'm thinking we'll be here for another few years, but Hubbs and I are thinkng about moving back up about halfway and probably into the North Carolina area.

For the most part, he and I have been working out very well together. Before I left we were getting along very well, and I miss him very much being down here. Which is good, since the last time I was here I couldn't care if he came and visited or not!

I'm definitely looking forward to him meeting back with us so we can settle down a bit.
uroc iroc!!! congrats!!!
Originally Posted by OBB

Great news! I hope things settle down with your mom soon.
Keep us posted on everything.
Has your husband found a job in FL? Are you living with your Mom there?
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Where in Florida are you staying? Florida weather is so nice, especially in the winter! And you are so close to nice beaches and Miami! I hope everything works out for you.
Yay! That's great!

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Great news! I hope the house selling goes smoothly and you can make a fresh start with hubby.
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g/l to you!
I've been wondering where ya been...
My husband has not found a job yet because he's decided to take a much needed break from the industry he was in. He was a chef, and he needs to get out of the dungeon of a kitchen he's been stuck in for years.

His plan is to work something simple, like in a small hardware store (his family owned a hardware store/lumber yard, and he worked in there since he was old enough to work) and probably pick up a part time bartending job.

We are living with my mom, so right now we don't have the pressure of finding a place. We're kind of taking a stress-rest and just allowing things to happen as they go.

We have plans to invest the return we get from selling.

Oh, and I'm a bit more central Florida. A bit rural, more northeast of Daytona, or Orlando. Not as far up as Gainesville, however.

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