Baby in pram survives being hit by train!

OMG! Ive never been so shocked by a news video! I wasnt expecting it at all- hadnt heard about it, then saw this.

Its a miracle!!!!
It was those stupid low-riding jeans that she was pulling up (probably for the hundredth time that day) that caused her to neglect her child in the pram. God, people are stupid.
It was chilling to watch it. I find it strange that no one reacted though- two women standing right next to her just watched it happen and only jumped up to help after the mother reacted!!!!

It was silly of the mother- but I have sympathy for her- she was distracted for split second. (I too have also found myself yanking up stupid jeans).
Stupid *****! I want to go the Australia and slap her face!
she was distracted for split second. (I too have also found myself yanking up stupid jeans).
Originally Posted by kat180

It was a few seconds...and a speeding train was coming...she was just stupid and neglectful.

I have never seen anyone wearing low-rise jeans who didn't spend the day yanking up their gotchies. Women have bought into the stupid criticism of "mom jeans", oh we don't want to look old and out-of-fashion, so we torture themselves in pants that don't stay up. Is yanking supposed to be a more attractive look than pants that actually fit and stay up?
i just saw this video too. its crazy.

do prams have breaks?

eta: nevermind. i just read the article associated with the link. whats up with all the pram/train station incidents? good grief...

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Wow, so quick to judge. She was in no way at fault for that. It's amazing that the baby just had a bump on his head.
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Wow, so quick to judge.
Originally Posted by realistic

Yeah, I am. It's a parent's job to protect their kids, and safety precautions are printed all over those pram boxes and not leave child unattended, engage brake, stroller may roll, etc. etc. etc. Parenting isn't a game. It's serious business.
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I don't understand how she didn't see it start rolling?
who is gonna stand that close to the edge and face the wheels that way?
There is no way in hell I would've done that!
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Wow, so quick to judge. She was in no way at fault for that. It's amazing that the baby just had a bump on his head.
Originally Posted by realistic
While I think she should have been paying attention more. I mostly agree with this.

That was not that long of an amount of time for me to think of anything but, that poor child.

I doubt anything like that happens to that mother or anyone that witnessed for a very long time.

And yes, quick to judge indeed.
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HOLY *****. that was unwatchable. yeah i wouldnt be so harsh on her. but she should have waited inside, turned the pram sideways or put the brakes on if it has one(or wear a belt) well at least she strapped the baby in which saved its life.

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good observation rcc, i hadn't even noticed she was pulling up her pants. i'm wearing low jeans today but i have to wear a belt with them.

but yeah, that was an accident, not her fault.

let it be a lesson to all new mommies to put on the break whenever they let go of the stroller/carriage/pram.
People are commenting she was talking on her mobile but I dont see that- I just see her yanking up her trousers.
I just saw this on the news. As dumb as that mom was, I can't help but feel sorry for her. I can't imagine how it must have felt seeing the stroller roll over the edge or waiting until the train was moved out of the way. My heart really went out to her when I saw this.
This makes me sick to my stomach. Poor baby & even though the mom was being careless, I really feel for her. In the time between the carriage rolling & the time it took to determine that the baby was just can't even imagine. Talk about a higher power watching over that baby...
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She nearly died as well- she was literally about to jump on the tracks when train misses her by cm!

Im not particularly religious but that baby must have a guardian angel or something up there!
Why wasn't she charged with something? or am I being too harsh?

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Why wasn't she charged with something? or am I being too harsh?
Originally Posted by Phoenix
I think its a little harsh, personally, but we all have opinions.
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