Well, Well, Well, Salem Police Have Warned My Landlord Apparently

I also wonder if when you do speak with the officer, what his "take" will be on your landlord basically opting out of resolving things. I wonder what his reply will be regarding legal responsibility: tenant v. landlord.

Other members may know more about this option than I, but I'm guessing you could actually sue him for your moving costs at a minimum, SC. If you want to go that way.
Originally Posted by ninja dog
Yeah, I can't wait to hear if he thinks Aaron is a wimp. I'm really unclear why Aaron wants me to call them at all. There's no need to meet with these people. They're breaking the law; they need to stop. Leave me out of it.

My mom says I should sue for moving costs, too.

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Well, it may be an option. You are being driven out unfairly. You'll need proof of complaints and reports, of course. But, I think it's worth a shot in a situation this extreme. It's just ridiculous, how you're having to live. Aren't you exhausted?
oh yes...sue in small claims court for moving expenses...you have plenty of evidence...especially the letter the police sent to landlord. i think you would win.
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