are you scared to be home alone?

No, I love being home alone - no one to try to change my TV channels, no one to talk to me when I try to read my magazines, I can watch dumb movies without complaints, and I can lie diagonally across the whole bed!
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Do you feel safe if you're home alone at night? What do you do to feel more comfortable?
Originally Posted by iroc
I feel safe but don't sleep well when DH is gone. I stay up entirely too late and watch too much television. My dog paces because one of the pack is missing. Funny but when I travel alone I sleep like a rock but that's probably from exhaustion and jet lag.

I'm a twin so I've had someone around since I was in utero. I do enjoy solitude, though. I just like knowing that my husband is nearby.

eta: Just realized I've described a control freak. Virgo, of course!

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As I said, it isn't the being alone I dislike. I rather like being home alone.

It becomes a problem when I have to go to sleep and I'm alone.
At night? I hate it. I can't sleep. I love being home alone during the day. I've been doing it most of my life, it's pretty normal to me. And I'm able to get a lot of stuff done.

But night is a different story. My husband isn't around right now, and my mom works nights. She only works 3 or 4 nights a week, but during that time it's just the girls and I all night. I have to leave most of the lights in the house on. Outside ones too. I still barely get any sleep. I'd rather just stay up all night long.

I just feel scared and unsafe. I have every door and window locked. Some of them even barricaded.

Do you feel safe if you're home alone at night? What do you do to feel more comfortable?
Originally Posted by iroc
I like being alone, actually. There's something very calming about silence, you know? Especially at night. Helps me sleep.

I only get freaked out after watching a really scary movie or something, and then having to go to bed by myself! Hahaha!
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I once watched an X-Files about cannibals by myself and got so freaked out I called my ex long distance and made him talk to me until my godmother came home and promised no one would cook and eat me while I was her guest. (After that she couldn't promise.)

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