Should I go back on the Pill? (Soz- bit long)

I have strong reasons for doing so, but also strong reasons for not doing so- I could use some advice

I went on it 9 yrs ago at 12 to make them lighter and to help with the pain (very bad)- I came off them early this year because I was worried I had never really had a natural cycle and concerns over what damage it could do to my system long-term (no one really seems to know).

Reasons to go back on Pill:
- The pain- I have to take time off for a day or two its so bad (nothing much helps), combined with feeling sick, dizzy, lightheaded, shooting pains down thighs, bloated, and constipated (soz for TMI)
-regular- since came off in Jan, had about 4 periods, and have no idea when/where gonna hit which really messes up my life- I have some holidays coming up and would really ruin it for me it happens then
-skin problems- my back, shoulders and chest have broken out in horrible big sore spots, which look hideous - my face isn't too bad, but at 21 Id like to be able to wear nice tops without covering up like a teenager

Reasons not to:
-Pretty certain the Pill made me depressed. I never went to anyone about it but for a long time I have suffered feeling very low and upset about myself. Since coming off I have felt better (whether this is the Pill or just things going well in general I don't know)- I have no evidence it was the Pill and I still feel down sometimes, but not as bad as have done in past.
-Do I really just want to be on the Pill for the rest of my life? No one really knows what could be doing to my system and I feel like don't really have a proper period whilst on it (very little blood)- so can that really be good for me?

Any advice? If anyone knows how I can solve the pain/skin problems that come without taking the Pill, Id be very grateful. And how long should it take my cycles to start getting regular?
I can't tell you what the right choice is you, but if you do decide to go back on the pill and think the one you were on made you depressed, try another brand. I had a year of hell on Yasmin, and I didn't realize how bad it was messing with me till I switched to another pill (Yasmin had other physical side effects for me).

I've also been on the pill for nine years and have no plans to go off it till I need to find out whether I can have kids. I went on it for the same reasons you did, and while many of my symptoms don't disappear on it (the pain is still incredible), I know when I'm going to get it, and it lasts for 2-4 days instead of 10, and that was when it even bothered to show up at all.

Have you talked to a gynecologist about what's going on? S/he would likely be the best person to help you manage your symptoms and figure out why you're not regular and how to get there without the pill.

ETA: You could also see a dermatologist about the skin issues if you want to clear things up without going back on the pill.
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I was on the pill from age 19 until I was 38, for the exact reasons you mentioned. I too was concerned about the effects of being on the pill for so long, but good God, I miss my perfect skin.

I will tell you that my period was completely regular from the time I got off the pill in February of 2004 until this past June when I had a long one, but I'm 44 so there's more going on with me there than you have to worry about right now.

I was unable to get pregnant, though, despite regular periods/ovulation. I went through a battery of tests and everything came back normal so I don't know what to think about that. My mother had a difficult time getting pregnant the first time, though - it took her and Dad seven years. My sister also had unexplained infertility. So I'm inclined to think this had less to do with the pill and more to do with genetics.

Sometimes I wish I could go back on the pill just to get my beautiful skin back.

I agree, by the way, about trying another brand.

Rock on with your bad self.


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Im on the Depo shot for the exact same reasons as u since 16. Really bad cramps to where id pass out , id bleed forever on end with no end stopping , might stop a day or 2 and then bleed again and wont stop. I was bleeding for 2 months straight afraid to tell my mom. I was 16 when everything started and before this id only have a period that last 2-3 days with no cramps what so ever. I was on the pill but got sick off it. My gyno at the time told me about the shot after i had a D & C to clean me out and check to see what issues i had . I have endrometreosis and other issues. The shot has been wonders and i wont get off it unless i have kids. I get my yearly done and my gyno checks me thurougly and i have no issues . He says if i want kids i get off it and i will have no probs. Im happy bein on the depo, no issues like hair loss or weight gain ( im a petite person ) , no periods ( sometimes i spot ever so often ) and no skin issues is a plus too!
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In my totally non-medical opinion, it sounds like you should go back on it, but I would say to pick a different pill. I used to be on Mercilon and it was great in many ways, but over a period of time it did make me depressed. It crept up and I couldn't see how down I had been until I came off it. You have my utmost sympathy on the acne front. I struggle with it myself.

So if you come off the pill, what are your options? Again, this is my totally non medical opinion. I would speak to your doctor about your cycle. I don't know how long it will take to return to normal. As far as skin is concerned, there are various options, from the gentle cleansing and BHA stuff recommended on here, to the multitude of items in Boots to what the doctor will give you. I have no idea what will work and how effectively it will work. I have struggled with my skin for roughly 13 years and I'm now going on Roaccutane. So I guess you could say there's no easy answer. If you're struggling with oiliness, then I will say that I found the pill to be one of the best things at sorting that out (even if it did do sod all for my acne). Roaccutane will also dry your skin out, but I doubt you'll get that until you've tried at least a few options, including other prescription drugs. Although I don't know what you've tried already.

As for the pain, again, I sympathise. Have you checked that there's nothing in particular causing the problem? You may be able to get some extra strong painkillers from the doctor.

I guess I've been pretty unhelpful really, but just wanted to say I sympathise and to talk over alternatives with your doctor. I do think you could find a pill that won't leave you feeling depressed.
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They are so many different formulations of the Pill as there should be as we are all different. If you don't feel right on one, switch. Tt took me a few tries to find my pill (Ovcon .4, 35) and through a little research I deducted that I am sensitive to progestin and need a more estrogen dominant pill. Depression is one of the symptoms of progestin sensitivity. Another interesting thing is I have a really hard time loosing weight on a progestin dominant pill. A lot of places will tell you the opposite is true and for some women it probably is.

Here are links that were really helpful in my research:
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I've only heard that's it not good to be on it if you smoke... :dunno:
btw...I'd be happy if the ole hag nevah returned....
Well I've been off it for nearly 10 months now and my mood/emotions are much happier, more settled in that time (as far as I can tell). I changed Pills about 3 times over the 9 years I was on it- but I couldn't begin to pinpoint when the depression started. I was really too young to take any notice of things like that.

My skin has got really greasy since being Pill free.
I suggest you go back to your gyno and thalk to them. I have gotten off the pill several times and my cycles always went right back to normal. While you're there you can talk about a dif pill, what you want, etc. but if you're cycles aren't regular at your age there could be a problem. Better safe than sorry.
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I originally went on the pill because of painful periods. I also tried the implanon implant which goes into your arm and lasts about 3 years. I found my periods were much much lighter with implanon (some people stop having them altogether). Its also a cheaper option because it lasts so long. Oh and its a much lower dose than whats it the pill (something about needing less hormone because it goes straight to your blood stream?) so maybe you won't have as many side effects. Anyway, might be worth chatting to your doctor about. HTH
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Thanks for the replies. I guess its back to the doctor then
Thanks for the replies. I guess its back to the doctor then
Originally Posted by kat180
Are you just seeing your GP? Ask for a referral to a gynaecologist to see if there is something else going on. I take the pill for the same reasons as you although my skin still breaks out, at least I'm not curled in a ball on the floor in pain.
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