Memoir of a former abortion addict,7832320.story

In 'Impossible Motherhood,' Irene Vilar, now a mother of two, writes of what led her to have 15 pregnancies ended.

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absolutely disgusting...she obviously had many issues before the abortions if she felt the need to be with a 50 year old man when she was a teenager.

I cannot wrap my head around this.
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From the article I gather she had a miserable upbringing but how does that become 15 abortions? It also implies she forgot her pill on purpose, why? It's obvious she didn't want children at that time so why make conception more likely?

I don't think I could read that book because I'd just want to punch the woman for her stupidity. She should have sought some form of therapy before all this started if her childhood had had such an effect on her, wouldn't that have been much better than putting herself through that many termination's?
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
I see this as a story of a powerless and probably unstable young woman who was cruelly manipulated by her much older husband. I feel pity for her. I don't think she's some kind of monster for terminating her pregnancies.
Honestly I would rather have her around than octomom..
To me, the books seems to have very little to do with abortion, despite the author having 15 of the procedures. She was an abused, confused, and suicidal woman seeking self-destruction at every turn. I wonder if she's emotionally healthy enough now to be writing the book...she's still only 40 and not very far away from her destructive past, and she's got 2 very young children. I think it would have probably been better to wait 20 years before publishing her story, because no doubt she's going to have to deal with the political fringes flaming her mercilessly. I wish her and her family well.

As for the abortions...she had 15 of them and still lived and had 2 babies, so, at the very least, maybe we can put to rest the nonsense that abortion is dangerous or causes infertility.

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