Wow, old thread! I may have to amend my response.. I might like to learn how to use a gun, but not own one. Do you have to own a gun to get a concealed weapons license?
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Yes, you do. In CA, the concealed permit (CCW) is for a particular gun.. you're not allowed just to carry any gun you choose. You are tested and are given permission to conceal carry a specific gun. So if you want to carry different guns, you have to be tested and the permit has to list those guns also.
Not sure why one would need/want a CCW and not own a gun.

But you can own a gun and not need a CCW
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I think it's kinda backwards that you can own a gun, but not need a license.. shouldn't it be the other way around? Just like to operate a car you need a license, but you don't necessarily have to own a vehicle... I wouldn't want a gun in my home.

Here is what it is in Tejas..
42. Will I need to have a gun before I begin my training class?
Some instructors may require you to use your own gun during the firing range portion of instruction and testing. However, others may provide guns for you to use. The concealed handgun license issued by DPS is not associated with a specific gun. However, the license is specific to the type of gun action, semi-automatic or non-semi-automatic.

More info...
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Thanks WileE.. I checked the laws for FL and they are extensive. I got the info here:

Florida Concealed Carry Permit Information

I guess there's a difference btwn having a concealed weapons license vs. just having a regular gun license.. although I do not know what that difference is. Probably less paperwork.
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