I am an Olympic Torch Bearer

In 1988 I entered every way I could but no luck. I did not get in to the torch relay. My family laughed and said 'you couldn't run a mile if you tried." I remember thinking 'oh yeah' and I went out one day and tried to run a mile. Well they were right!!!

So along comes the 2010 torch relay and I started to enter the first day you could! I entered through RBC (royal bank) and icoke. I entered every draw I saw. Hundreds of thousands of people entered through coke. Of those 6760 were chosen to enter the second level. I won the lottery and had to write an essay (200 - 220 words) about how I lived a healthy lifestyle and inspired others to do so. Well my story talked about how I never saw myself as an athlete until I battled a long illness. After that I developed an "I can" attitude and started to try things I had considered impossible. The result is I have now run 3 half marathons and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro. I wanted this torch spot so bad - it was like redemption. What I could not do in 1988 I CAN do now!

Only 10% of essays got a spot - 676 (or was it 674?) and I was ONE OF THEM! I think you could hear me shout all across Canada when I got the email saying I was a torchbearer.

I now have my OTR track suit ready to go and will be keeping my torch. I run on Sunday December 13 in Arnprior ON about 2 hours from where I actually live.

I can't wait! Sadly the touque is required so my curls will be hidden
congratulations! what an awesome experience
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OMG that's so exciting!!!

My Dads company made the torches and I keep asking him to get me one - I keep getting this look -->
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Very cool. What a fantastic opportunity.
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That is so cool!
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I'm so excited for you! YAY!!
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OMG! Congratulations! It's so exciting to *know* someone actually carrying the torch. Wow!

I'd love to read your essay if you'd like to share.

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Very cool!!!! Congratulations!!!
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

J!!!! i am soooooooo happy for you!!!!! now i wish that i still lived in Ottawa so i could go see you run!!!!!

BIG HUGS!!!!!!! send me pics!!!!
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Congratulations! All of your dedication paid off! I am so happy for you and it will be a thrill to "know" someone who is a torch bearer!
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Rou ... you really should still be in Ottawa. I got a call today and now run at ...
lot information
Torchbearer Code OTR044-167
Day December 12, 2009
City Ottawa(ON)
. Your segment details are: starting along: Richmond
Rd. from: Churchill Ave. to: Athlone Ave. on: Richmond Rd.
Start KM 47
Length About 300 meters
Start Time 6:03:25 PM EST

Maybe you should visit for the weekend!!!
That's so exciting - congratulations! And have someone take a pic and post it up here so we can share in the experience!!
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Congratulations! This is so cool. I'm with 2poodles. Please have someone take pics.
wow that's cool!

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That is VERY neat!

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