So, I brought in cupcakes for my friend's birthday today...

...they were rather pricey cupcakes, but she really loves them, so I splurged.

There were 10 cupcakes...we have 8 people in today.

Right now, there are two cupcakes (and they are large cupcakes) left on the center table.

And somebody ate all the frosting off of both cupcakes with a spoon.

Are you sure they used a spoon?

Seriously though- what is wrong with people?!?!
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Dude. At least they used a spoon! They could've just licked the frosting off.

Not that I would do that or anything...

Rock on with your bad self.


Be excellent to each other. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Good point about the spoon. I just assumed it because the frosting was cleaned-off so well...and there was A LOT of frosting on those cupcakes!!!!
I doubt a spoon was used.

Either way that is rude- now no one can eat those 2! Why would anyone do that? Seriously thats what my baby cousin does and she's 3.
People are disgustingly selfish. Ugh.
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Was it the intern?
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its definitely the intern.

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I'd blame the intern!
Originally Posted by badgercurls
That was my first thought!
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I'd be pissed. If my KIDS did that I'd be pissed. If my kids did that AT HOME i'd be pissed.
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Gross! People are such jerks.
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You know that person had to sit there for at least a few minutes to scrape off all of that frosting and eat it. Or else they had to take the cupcakes back to their office, secretly scrape off the frosting, and then sneak them back to the table.

Either way, come ON.
I'd blame the intern!
Originally Posted by badgercurls
That was my first thought!
Originally Posted by KurlyKae
This means war. Not cool at all.
Under construction.
I'd blame the intern!
Originally Posted by badgercurls

Rock on with your bad self.


Be excellent to each other. ~ Abraham Lincoln

WHAT?!?! That is super tacky. I can't believe the nerve of people.
Some people are just gross. UGH. Not to mention selfish.
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i'd check the intern with a stain on her dress.
See...that wouldn't have happened if *I* had brought in the cupcakes, because I would have eaten the extra 2 before they even hit the office door.

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