View Poll Results: Whats the best way for you (a woman) to acheive an orgasm
through intercourse? 18 20.45%
through oral sex? 11 12.50%
through masturbation? 16 18.18%
oral and masturbation? 25 28.41%
all of the above? 18 20.45%
Voters: 88. You may not vote on this poll

Orgasms (very adult, pls beware)

You're making me blush haylady. Kinda like that sex granny on Oxygen late at night. She's so blunt about everything.
Originally Posted by KatieCoolLady
I love her!
Especially when she breaks out the dolls...
Originally Posted by Rheanna83
God, I miss that old woman.

Someone get me Oxygen!!!
2C/3A -- wurly!
I'm pretty sure it's just the size difference.
Originally Posted by Befrizzled
We have this issue too. The thing is a rocket with a life of it's own and I'm pretty small. He says he can feel it when it hits my cervix. The first 10 seconds of sex for us are always a MAJOR squirmfest for me, even with tons-o-lube.
Originally Posted by the new bounce
Me too! I can never get comfortable, even with lots of lube. The only position that works is missionary. Any other position just hurts! And I dont know how to make this better.....
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Am I the only one getting really icked out by the idea of Zmanzzzz lurking on this thread?

I'm just sayin'...
Originally Posted by medussa
im not lurking, ive been posting.

and yep, its number 4.
I also just thought of something. The cervix shortens and lengthens, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. So, you might feel that bumping against your cervix a little more during non-fertile times. Near ovulation, it can be like a cavern in there.
Originally Posted by medussa
That's when I get a bit of discomfort. But, a little extra foreplay helps.
this thread has really taken off since the op question..

i think the adding of the poll really helped..

i just leave it as i voted as soon as the poll was put up..

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