View Poll Results: Does your DVD player play music cds?
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Does your DVD player play music cds?

If you just have your DVD player hooked up to the TV, no sound will come out of the TV when you play a CD. If you have the whole thing hooked up through a receiver, the CD sound will come out of your speakers just as the sound would for a DVD. You can use a DVD player instead of a CD player in a stereo system.

I learn this stuff from my BF, who used to install high-end audio and home theater systems for a living. It can get MUCH more complicated!
Originally Posted by SuZen
sorry but I beg to differ. your cd will play on your dvd player through your tv if you "just" have it hooked up to the tv. Assumeing of course your dvd player is compatible with CDs MP3s etc.
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Okay, your system must be a bit different from mine. Mine doesn't play CDs through the TV sound. I'll have to ask AudioMan why not.
Mine plays sound through the tv. I don't have a receiver or stereo system.
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You need an "I don't know, I've never tried it" option.
Originally Posted by Poodlehead

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Okay, your system must be a bit different from mine. Mine doesn't play CDs through the TV sound. I'll have to ask AudioMan why not.
Originally Posted by SuZen
Because you have a receiver set up?

The DVD player will play the CD from wherever you hear movie sound when you're playing movies. For many of us, that's the tv....but if you have a fancier setup, it means your speakers, etc. You just have to have it set up and power to whatever you have on to be able to hear a dvd.
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Oh, we have a receiver setup in the family room and I'm okay with playing CDs on that. We also have a TV and DVD player in the bedroom without a receiver, and when I've tried to play a CD there I haven't gotten any sound. As I said, I will need to check with Mr. Audio Expert about why that is. I'm sure there is a button I need to press that I am overlooking.

The funny thing is that my father is getting along in years and is losing his ability to deal with technology, so every time I go to see him I have to rescue his TV from some wacked mis-adjustment he has made. Me -- the techno-expert! That is too funny!

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