View Poll Results: How hair is too hairy?
Don't care as long as it isn't too hairy 23 46.00%
Minimal hair is OK 14 28.00%
Back, sack and crack wax is necessary for me to get down 0 0%
on't care, I'd do a wookie if he treated me right 13 26.00%
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*Spin Off* Hairy men

Aaaahhh! That guy's back hair scares me! Although it kinda looks like a butterfly....
I don't really mind the hairy legs and such, but dayum! To each his own, I guess. Some girls may go for that.

To quote wild_sasparilla:
'Thou shaketh it a little and it feeleth alright.'
I will not go out with a man with a goatee because it looks like they have a sideways vulva on their face.
Originally Posted by Bibliophile
Dood! What does your vulva look like?
Originally Posted by internetchick

I just don't find goatees attractive at all, on any guy, but that is just my opinion.

I am sorry if I offended anyone by the statement I made in my previous post, I didn't mean to do so.
Originally Posted by Bibliophile
Didn't offend me either, but I'm almost choked ... right before I died laughing! That may have been the funniest thing I've ever read! Prior to the rest of this thread :-P It's entertaining if nothing else.
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That whole goatee comment made me laugh....mainly because my BF has a goatee....

I've dated hairy guys in the past, and as long as it isn't too bad, it doesn't bother me. A hairy chest is okay, but the back and the butt is just too much for me. I like to feel a man's skin, not just their hair.
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Y'all are killin' me over here!
I just came across this pic of Jude Law

What is up with these spread-leg guy shots?!?!?!? That's like...not really masculine...

That Jude Law in his underroos shot is horrendous! That's a whole lotta fluff!

His little scrawnly legs! His leg hairs are thicker than his actual legs!
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His little scrawnly legs! His leg hairs are thicker than his actual legs!
Originally Posted by DominicanaHeat

I think I actually just snorted from laughing.
Previously Joy4ever.
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