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Who's the prettier Simpson now (after surgery):Jess or Ash

I personally think that Ashlee looks better than Jessica now, after surgery.
I know that a lot of people say that she looks like everyone else now, but personally, if I saw her walking in the street and didn't know who she was, I'd say the "new" one would attract me much more than the "old" one. I actually find her much prettier than Jessica now.

What do you think?

I think Ashlee looks more like Jess now than she did before.
When she was on 7th Heaven I didn't know Ashlee was a Simpson, and she was prettier then. I still think she is now.
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I always thought Ashlee was prettier. Jessica looks too much like an inflatable doll.
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I think Ashlee is trying way too hard to be her sister. She was better off being herself, when she came out with her first album.
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I think Ashlee was fine before but now I dont even recognize her, Ill have to read a caption to see who this blonde is...but Im a die hard Jessica fan...I <3 Her Ashlee is too cookie cutter pretty now...nothing stands out to make her noticable...

Vote 1 for Jessica!!
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First of all, that lip gloss color does NOT work for Jessica in the first picture.

Second, I think that Jessica is prettier. She hasn't done a whole lot to change her appearance since she got "big" (that I remember, other than that terrible collagen job on her lips), but Ashlee has. Something has always bothered me about Ashlee, and I can't put my finger on it...


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I am not a fan of either of them really, but I guess in these pictures that Ashlee is prettier.
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They both have very prominent jaws.

I can't say who is prettier though. I'd pick none of the above if it were an option.
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I'm gonna have to go with Marge

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I'm gonna have to go with Marge

Originally Posted by Mar
Marge is HAWT with her hair down!!! ITA, I'd go with Marge.
I've always loved Ashlee before & still do now. I thought she was perfect before surgery.

I like Jessica, but don't like when she wastes her time being high maintenance to create this kind of fake look most of the time. Like Ashlee, I think she's better off being more natural and less "perfect". Unfortunately tons of men buy into that and want that fantasy girl. It's pretty sad. I was talking to this guy (through chat) & seemed like a pretty nice guy who thought out of the box until he said Jessica was his fav celebrity fantasy girl. The majority of women can't live up to that nor should they try. I like to look attractive myself, but not spend my life perfecting myself for others.
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I'm gonna have to go with Marge

Originally Posted by Mar

another vote for Marge.
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I still think Jessica is prettier. I don't know why Ashlee had the surgery. Was she jealous of her sister or something? No matter how much surgery she has I'll still think Jessica looks better.
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I've never found Jessica pretty. I think Ashlee (I cringe every time I write that - doesn't Ashley look so much better?) actually looked like a human being before she got her surgery done, and now she's very bland. I still think she's prettier, but only because Jessica's face bothers me.

I hold a grudge against Ashlee for making her nose smaller though. Us big-nosed girls can be pretty too!
I'm gonna have to go with Marge

Originally Posted by Mar

another vote for Marge.
Originally Posted by westcoastwaves
And another!

But I had to pick btwn Ashlee and Jessica by LOOKS only I'd choose Ashlee.
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I've always thought Ashlee was prettier and still do. Jessica is a dog. Can't pinpoint why but she is so unattractive to me.
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I think I will vote for Ashlee. The dimple in her chin is cute. But I wish she had left her nose alone. It was fine before.

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