Protein and moisture balance??

yes, but be careful not to over protein. i did mine 1 time a week for bout a month, then took it to every 2-3 weeks. you will be able to notice when you need it.
CG since the book came out!!

-Shampoo: - Edens co-wash
Conditioner: Curl Junkie, Curly Kinks curl renew, CJ Argan oil, Mop Top daily conditioner
Leave-in's: above
Curl Cream: SMS
Stylers: Curly Kinks Coil Jam, Mop Top
Wow! Sounds like I fall right in here with ya'll as hair twins. I thought I was 2c but starting to lean towards 3a. I have normal porosity and fine density. I'm pretty sure my hair LOVES protein. I have strong curl pattern on the underside of my hair but the top is very wavy. Since starting the CG method I have gotten much better curls and a little more even. I have a very greasy head and use Suave gentle cleanser as my poo and have been using Suave tropical coconut as my ro and leave in with Tresseme Natural on random days. I'm using LA sport gel and that seems to work really well. I had colored my hair prior to starting CG and just recolored it back to my natural blond. My curls are very unhappy and I'm not finding a good balance. Any suggestions?

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