Ive been experimenting with my sensitive, acne prone skin & buying dang near every product under the sun. I was hoping to be able to go the all natural route but thats not working out for me..
For Sale:

Aubrey Organics Vegecell Nighttime Moisturizer (new, 95% full) - $15

Aubrey Organics Amino Dermo Gel (new, used once) $5

Great quality products I just need something medicated for my skin.. pm me if interested

ive also got some essential oils for sale (lavender, carrot seed, rose geranium)
dense, fine & porous curls |

Poo/Cowash| Bobeam, V05 Shea Cashmere
DC| AOGPB, CJ Repair Me, BrownButterBeauty
RinseOut| Mill Creek Keratin Conditioner, Ology Moisturizing Conditioner
Leave In| Curl Rehab, Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Moisturizer, CJ Smoothing Lotion
Moisturize|Oyin Hair Dew, CR Moisture Milk
Gel| Kiss My Face UMG, Trader Joes Aloe Vera, KCCC
Sealants| Aloe Juice, Whipped Shea, Cocoa & Mango Butters, Castor, & my Peanut Oil Blend =)