for sale: J BRAND JEANS!! forever 21 jeans have ripped up and I decided to invest in quality jeans.

I purchased a Size 27 of the J Brand-Boss Curvy Cigarette Leg...thinking it would fit because they are known to I guess run big.

Yea well..they don't. =\ And i can't return them to the website i bought them because they are final sale.

IM PISSEEEDDD and jean-less so if anyone would like to take these babys off my hands so i can buy some jeans [i refuse to splurge again] then please contact me!!

J brands go for somewhere around the $190s.

Im just asking for $79 plus shipping.

Someone be my savior please!

They are brand spanking new btw..I opened the box..unwrapped the jeans tried them, took them off and now they are sitting folded on my bed.
3b/3c Hair
High Elasticity
Medium Texture
Porosity- ?Unsure

Here is the link for it's ebay page.

J BRAND Jeans-Boss Curvy Fit Cigarette Leg Sz 27 - eBay (item 160534402642 end time Feb-17-11 13:10:41 PST)

I feel more comfortable selling it on ebay. This way I can be payed through paypal and both my and the buyers info is secure. Also the ebay page will have all the pictures and description.

If anyone is interested contact me on ebay or on here =]
3b/3c Hair
High Elasticity
Medium Texture
Porosity- ?Unsure

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