I have 1 Physician's Formula eye shadow Duo & 1 Mineral Fusion Eye Shadow up for grabs. I color tested all of them with a clean q-tip, but none of them are used. Brushes/applicators not included. See pics for colors!

Also, I just bought a Mineral Fusion eye shadow that ended up looking terrible on me, so that's been added


Lancome Palettes:

Mineral Fusion Eye Shadow
: Element $3 including shipping.

Physician's Formula Duo: Talc-Free Mineral Wear, 2 eye shadows (Berry Minerals) - $3 including shipping

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Physician's Formula/Mineral Fusion Eye Shadows-lancome-color-focus-4-shadows.jpg   Physician's Formula/Mineral Fusion Eye Shadows-lancome-maquiriche-2-shadows-1-blush.jpg   Physician's Formula/Mineral Fusion Eye Shadows-lancome-maquiriche-4-shadows.jpg   Physician's Formula/Mineral Fusion Eye Shadows-physicians-formual-duo.jpg   Physician's Formula/Mineral Fusion Eye Shadows-mineral-fusion-eye-shadow.jpg  

2a/2b/2c - I've experienced them all

Still not sure about porosity/protein... my hair takes forever to dry & products often weigh it down, but I like protein. Thus I'm confused.

LowPoo: Mastey Traite
Cowash: Burt's Bees Super Shiny, Trader Joe's TTT
DT: Sevi Pumpkin Conditioner
Styling: FSG, Pantene Curls Mousse, SS FHG, AO B5 Design Gel, Giovanni Mousse
PT: Nexus Emergencee, AO GBP
Styling Methods: Plopping, diffusing

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