Proactiv Gentle formula

Hello my fellow curlies:

I have a Proactiv solutions Gentle formula. Proactiv use to be ok on my acne, but it begin to dry out my skin, then for some realon quit working as well. I now use the OCM, which seems to be working as well as the proactiv only cheaper and less drying.

Any who.I have an extra kit. which includes:

1 clarifying cleanser
2 clearifying toners
3 clarrifying day lotions
1 clarrifying night lotion.

one kit usually includes one of each and i believe the cost with shipping is about $45. I have more then one full kit so i will let the whole lot go for $60 shipping included. one bottle of day lotion and toner was open. both is more the half full. the toner was used once or twice. if you want anything less then everything, we can discuss pricing and such.

PS. This is my first swap, so bare with me. I have paypal. and any one living in the dc area i am willing to meet to save on shipping cost.

Isn't anyone interested??? I so don't what to have to throw this stuff out!

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