Hi Ya'll!

So I have some items I have up on my eBay, but it isn't getting many hits so I thought I'd try my hand at selling them here.

I have 2 pairs of Suede Dolce Vita Chunky Heeled Platform Pumps. One Gray and the other Cognac (Brownish?). I'm selling them for $70 on eBay with shipping (we can try and figure out the cheapest option) but I can sell them on here for $58.00 since I won't have to pay a eBay seller fee. They are new in box and are originally $190. They are both size 8's.

Here are pictures from online, but if interested, I can direct you to my eBay page so you can see the images I have!

The Gray/Grey (however that word is spelled)
Dolce Vita Bryann Platform Pumps | SHOPBOP

The Cognac
Dolce Vita Bryann Suede ChunkyHeel Platform Pumps in Brown (cognac) | Lyst

I think the shoes are a teensy weensy bit darker than the pictures above are portraying^.

I also have a pair of Sam Edelmen Holly Black Velvet Flats. They are also new in box, sized at 8.5 and they have those semi scrunchy sides that were in trend a while back.

Here is the link to these shoes. I couldn't find an online link.

Sam Edelman Holland 8 5 Black Flat Velvet | eBay

They are going for $80, but I can sell them for $65 here, with shipping that we can work out as well.

Lastly I have a Rachel Zoe Charlotte Calhair Shoulder Bag that retailed for $425. I can sell it for $300 on here, or something negotiable. Maybe even $275. Shipping is workable as well. This is new in all it's plastic wrapping.

Here is a link to it from my ebay as well.
Rachel Zoe Charlotte Animal Print Shoulder Bag Calhair | eBay

Please let me know if you're interested and hopefully we can work something out!

3b/3c Hair
High Elasticity
Medium Texture
Porosity- ?Unsure

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