MOVING! Bath&Body Works, Avon, TONS for sale, trade, OB

I'm moving and I need to clear out the cabinets right away. I have a separate listing in the hair swap section, too, but here are my non-hair related products.

I'm interested in selling for a minimal price preferably, although would consider a swap if it was for 1. a Curls Rock hair product, or 2. Bath & Body Works raspberry & vanilla body spray or pot of intensive moisturizer, or 3. Lubriderm unscented moisturizing body lotion.

Otherwise, for sales, make me an offer! NO reasonable offer will be turned away. I want them to have a home where they are appreciated and loved.

1. NEW Avon Exotic Waters moisturizing gel, 5 oz., brand new. Has a fresh, clean smell. 1 tube.

2. NEW mark by Avon Self Sanctuary Kiwi Lotus body butter. I have 3 of these. They are 6.7 oz. each.

2b. NEW mark by Avon Self Sanctuary Kiwi Lotus soft mist body spray. Stylish, slim bottle. 1.7 oz. size.

3. NEW Dove sensitive skin moisturizing body wash, unscented. 12 oz bottle.

4. Johnson's baby oil gel, with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. 6.5 oz. bottle, 75% full.

5. Bath & Body Works massage gel, Sun-Ripened Raspberry. "With Peppermint, Aloe Vera, and Herbal Extracts." 8 oz bottle, 50% full.

6. Bath & Body Works juniper breeze creamy body wash, 1.7 oz, 50% full.

7. NEW Beyond the Zone Spike It Metallic Hair Cement, color 140640 (violet pink).

8. Similasan homeopathic ear drops. (you've seen it on TV recently. It relieves earaches.) 95% full.

9. NEW, still in box, Beauty Basics Salon Sensation nail care kit. Contains: pumice stone, tweezers, metal nail file, square nail buffing boards, cuticle pusher-backer things, clippers, pencil sharpener, nail whitener stick, cuticle trimmer, small scissors, nail brush, lotion, toe separators, base coat, top coat, nail fortifier, nail smoothing polish, and 1 thing I don't know what it is. I can email anyone who is interested a picture. It's all brand new in a spiffy big box. It was a gift set.

10. NEW, sealed in box. Visine dry eye relief lubricant eye drops, .13 oz.


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