Soap making supplies most 1/2 price, rest free

$2.99 cubits pure glycerine melt & pour soap, 2 lbs, never used.

$4.49 natural clear olive oil soap special suspension formula, 2 lb brick, never used.

$4.49 natural avocado cucumber soap special suspension formula, 2 lb brick, never used.

$3.99 moisturizing white glycerin soap, 2 lb brick, never used.

$1. mold tray containing 1 octagon, 1 square, 1 flat round, & 1 rectangle.

Free mold tray containing 2 round & 2 oval.

Free 3 (1 oz?) amber bottles soap/candle scents with droppers, oils not cut with alcohol, 3/4 full coconut cream; full honey almond; full oatmeal, milk, honey & almond.

Free 1/2 oz 3 bottles soap/candle colors, yellow?, blue, red, all full.

$4.99 Soap Making 101 'book'.

$3.99 Soothing Soaps & Scrubs 'book'.

All for $26. plus shipping. All originally cost me $54.20 + tax (+ forgotten cost of soap/candle colors & scents).
Being held for 1228Kimberly.

Sold to 1228Kimberly!

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