hey everyone,
if anyone ever looks on this page i have the following for sale:

- Chanel Refining Toner(Lotion Vivifiante) 7oz.(207 ml.)used twice
this is a great product that i got as a Christmas gift. the two times i used it it left my face feeling fresh and clean. i do not know exactly how much it retails for but since the person tyhat i got it from works at a perfume counter i figure that it is real. i no longer have the box it came in.
i will sell it for $7 (swap for Aussie products: Mango smoothie shampoo& 3 minute miracle conditioner)

- NOA perfume(big bottle) used twice.
i got this perfume from the same person and i know it is the real NOA and not an imitation. this bottle usually retails for $45-$55(smaller bottle for $35)
i will sell for $20

thank you and happy swapping/buying
just post responses here or email at plywyll@hotmail.com with Questions.