Updated Sell/Swap List-08/20/2002

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*******UPDATED AUGUST 2002*********

I love tons of products so I haven't provided a wishlist, because I'll be more than happy to look over all swaplists. You can also find my hair list on the other board.

I'm always happy to sell most of my items. I accept Paypal and money orders/cashier's checks.



-Avon Basics Care Deeply with Aloe Lip Balm, 4.2 gr.(Never Used)

Bath and Body Works
-Glimmering Body Lotion “Gold” 6.0 fl. oz: (Coconut-scented, used once)

-Natural Therapy Lip Balm with Vitamin E, 4.5 gr. (Never used)

Garden Botanika
-Bath Fizzie (Honestly, I can’t remember which scent I bought, but I would say it’s floral. 1 available. Never used)

Kiss My Face
-Pure Castile Soap, 16 fl. oz. (This is a liquid soap. Very multi-purposed. Can be used as bubble bath, hand soap, shampoo. You can even use it to clean your fruits and veggies! Never used)

St. Ives
-Clarifying Clear Pore Body Wash, 13.5 fl. oz. (Never used)


-Perfect Wear EverGlaze Lip Ink, “Angora Pink-C”, 2.5 ml/.08 fl. oz. Tested once. In box.
-Glazewear Liquid Lip, “Brick”, 4.5 grams. Tested once.

-Comme Par Magie, “Abricot Magique”-14. 3 grams. Shimmery, golden color. Swiped once for color. I have way too many of these gold shades.

Cover Girl
-Professional Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow, Santa Fe Clay Color Collection, 5.0 gr. (You can never do without some nice warm tones. 7 different shades of brown and beige, matte and frost. Original packaging and sealed)

Estee Lauder
-All-Day Lipstick, “Cinnamon Stick”, Tested once. Right in between sweet beige and alfresco brick shades. Cannot say it goes into a red family. Blue opaque packaging with ridges.
-Futurist Full Treatment Lipstick SPF 15, “Slick Red-01” (Gold, unridged packaging. The swatch at the website makes it look like an orange-red. This is just a plain, red lippie. Never used)

This is either the Le Shader or the L’Angle. I didn’t purchase this directly from Lancome so that is why I cannot tell you for certain which one this is. It has a black handle with the Lancome name printed on the end. It’s still sealed and packaged and therefore has not been used.

-Wear-N-Go Lipstick, “Go Toasted Pink-20”, 3.8 gr. (There’s nothing pink about this lippie. It’s actually a shimmery dark neutral/light tawny shade. Packaged and never used.)

-Super Lustrous Lipstick, “Iced Spice-17”. Used 2x. Tawny/gold shade with a little shimmer. This shade is closer to a brown/gold color than to a beige color. This is a frost shade.
-ColourStay Lip Tint, “Mauvestone-25”. 1.7 grams. Used twice. To my eyes, this looks like a light tawny, not mauve/berry.

Sonia Kashuk
-Eyelash/Eyebrow Groomer Brush. Never used.


Garden Botanika
-Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Renewing Treatment for the Face, 1.0 fl. oz. (Never used)

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I sent you an e-mail! :-)
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I sent you an email a few days ago, did you get it?
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I am interested in a few things that you have on your list....
Estee Lauder
1.-“Beautiful” Perfumed Body Lotion, 15 ml. (It speaks for itself!)
2.Fahrenheit by Christian Dior
3.Estee Lauder
-Perfectly Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser, Normal/Oily, 4.2 fl. oz. (Never used)

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Oh no problem...I read what happened to you..I really don't understand why that site is having so many problems...

Well there are a couple of other things I was interested...I will tell you now and check out your "new" list tomorrow..
1. Estee Lauder-All-Day Lipstick, “Cinnamon Stick”, (never used) What is the color like?
2.Almay-Oil Control Cleansing Gel, For Oily Skin, 7.25 fl. oz. (Never used) Is this drying at all?
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by belluna:
Items added<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Hi! I'm interested in the Miracle perfume sample vial and the coconut body wash - please email me - thank you!

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Hi! Just emailed you about 2 of the Bath and Body lotions.
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I'm interested in -
Ulta (www.ulta.com)
-Ulta Eye Shadow, “Oh Baby!”, 3.7 grams (Baby Blue color. Very shimmery when applied with just a hint of blue. Swiped once with a Q-tip)
-Dreamsicle Lip Gloss-Swirls of white and baby blue with hint of sparkle, 0.33 oz

Are you just swapping or would you be willing to sell? E-mail me @ LindzerG@aol.com

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Hi there! You've got a lot of great stuff!

I am interested in the following items:

dkny-velvet body cream
burts bee's baby lotion
bbw's-gold body lotion
gardenia body spray
e.l. "beautiful body cream"
Lancaster -Sunwater cream
E.L.- cinnamon stick
cheek color #06
2in1 eyeshadow.

How much for these items if they are still

you can reach me at jiodi2@yahoo.com
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I will email you!
Do you stil have the Aubrey?
Hi there Gingersnaps!

I'm pretty sure I have the Aubrey. Let me check to make sure. If you like this company, I think I also have a facial mist from them.
hi i'm intersted in all the make up you got!!
send a price to my email please. coldheave16@hotmail.com
Hello Alexis19.

I emailed you yesterday but it was returned to me as an unrecognized email address.
Hey Belluna, if the Glimmering Body Lotion and the Xtreme French Manicure set are still available, I"m interested [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
[QUOTE]Originally posted by belluna:
[QB]*******UPDATED MARCH 6, 2002*********
Bath and Body Works
-Glimmering Body Lotion “Gold” 6.0 fl. oz: (Coconut-scented, used once)

Sally Hansen
-Xtreme French Manicure Set, Two coral/peach shades, lighter and darker shades, but both still lighter than a peach color(13.3 ml) and one eggplant shade (5 ml.). Nail painting guides for manicure intact. Never used. Packaged as set.
Hi! I absolutely want the DKNY Velvet Body Cream.

Hope to hear from you [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
Hairgasm and Azion: I've either emailed you or sent a private message and posted in some of your threads.

Still haven't heard back from you.


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