Hello everybody,

I've gotten so many nice things for spring that I really need to get out with the old to give room to the new!

I’m making the effort to get rid of some of these items and find them a new home. All the items below are part of my swaplist, which you will also find in this forum, but I will give preference to those who are interested in purchasing. Most of these are low- to medium-end items with some other products thrown in for fun. I thought maybe some of you would like to get away with a nice haul.

I will only be able to accept payment through Paypal. Shipping will be determined according to destination and items will ONLY be sent to the verified address on record with Paypal.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to purchase OR swap OR negotiate. Thank you for looking over my list.


Almay: Easy to Wear Longlasting EyeColor, Moody Mauves (Matte), 3.1 gr. (Two eyeshadows in compact. Packaged and never used) $2.00

Avon: Sunrise Body Mist, 1.0 fl. oz. (Never used) $4.00

Bath and Body Works:
-Bio Oil-Control Facial Toner, 8.0 fl. oz. (2 bottles available. Never used) $4.00 each
-Hairworks Leave-In Conditioner, 8.0 fl oz. (Never used and this product line has been discontinued) $3.50

Calvin Klein: “Eternity” Body Powder, 21 gr. (Never used) $2.00

Circle of Beauty: Colorworks HairGlaze, “Copper Glaze-003”, 8.25 g. (Warm tones are in! And when they are in your hair-WATCH OUT! Same idea as Christian Dior’s Flash Highlights, Use the wand applicator to splash some temporary color streaks into your hair. Tested once.) $2.50

Cover Girl: Pure Magic Body Art, “Pink Aura”, 8.0 ml with stencils (Get virtual tattoos with a stroke of a wand. Various stencil designs that you use with a pink-purple shimmery color. Packaged and never used) $2.50

Donna Karen New York: Velvet Body Cream, 3.0 oz (An item I purchased on Ebay was not available so the seller substituted this product. I do not know if it has been used, but the product seems full) $13.50

Escada: Escada Acte 2, Eau de Parfum, 0.5 fl. oz. (It's fragrant nature explores essences of jasmine, freesia and peony and is blended with notes of amber, incense and vanilla. Original Packaging and shrink-wrapped. Never used) $12.00

Elizabeth Arden: Millenium Energist Revitalizing Emulsion, Sample Never used) $1.25

Estee Lauder:
-“Beautiful” Perfumed Body Lotion, 15 ml. (It speaks for itself!) $2.00
-Fruition Extra Multi-Action Complex, 0.8 ml, sample-size (Never used) $1.25

Kolnisch Wasser 4711
-Kolnisch Wasser 4711 Crème Soap, 3.5 oz. (This is a perfumed soap which is a product of the Kolnisch Wasser 4711 fragrance line. This is a German, imported fragrance and is quite pungent. It is most similar in scent strength to a soap like Irish Spring. THIS SOAP DOES NOT SMELL LIKE IRISH SPRING!!!!! but I am just giving an example of how STRONG the scent is. It is an exceptionally refreshing product! Packaged and never used) $3.50

-Personalized Face Self-Tanning Crème, Medium to Dark Complexions, 15 ml. (never used) $1.00
-Vitabolic Deep Radiance Booster Daily Care, 5.0 ml., sample size (Contains Vitamin C, Ginseng, and Gingko. Never used) $6.00 This product retails for $50 an ounce.

LuVeon: Bath Essence with orange, lavender, cedarwood. (Great as a gift! Transparent glass bottle with wax sealed cork and tied with a bit of raffia.) $3.00

-Moisturizing Body Wash, Lush Lavender, 9 fl oz. (never used) $3.50
-Naturally Matte Oil-Control Liquid Makeup, “Sand Beige”, 1.0 fl oz (I was so upset when the color didn't work out for me, because this is exceptionally matte. I have oily skin and I went 8 hours without a melting face. Used once) $2.50

Queen Helene: Natural English Clay Mud Pack Masque, 8.0 oz (Never used) $1.50

Revlon: Springwater Matte Makeup, Oil Free for Sensitive Skin, “Buff” 1.25 fl oz (I can never seem to pick the right foundation for myself! Never used.) $3.00

-European Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo and , Dry or Damaged Hair, 32 fl. oz. (Never used.) $2.00
-European Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner, Dry or Damaged Hair, 32 fl. oz. (Never used.) $2.00

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