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Here's my swaplist as of 6/24/01.

Would like to swap for wishlist items, but will consider all offers. Also, I have a very busy schedule right now, but I will reply to all emails at some point, even if it's to tell you the item is already pending or swapped, so please be patient with me. Thanks for looking!


Stila Ina lipstick – matte(I think), plummy color, used about 15x, still in very good condition

Estee Lauder lip lacquer in Candy Glaze – ris, sib, browny-pinky color lipgloss with wand type applicator. used a few times by her, 2x by me.

Stila Bare Color in nude – about 1/8 inch used

Borghese Lip Wash in Juice – ris, a really neat lip color in a nailpolish type bottle, 0.5oz, looks very red in bottle, but on it looks like you’ve just eaten a red popsicle. lasts really well, used 2x by me, still looks full. smells good too.


Youngblood Mineral Rice Setting Powder in medium - .35oz sifter type container, about 2/3 left


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash eye shadow in Gunmetal – a dark grey with a hint of blue, makes a great liner, but I don’t like the color on me, used 2x

Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Mint - a beautiful pale green, but it doesn't show up on my eyelids used 3x, looks new

MAC eye shadow in Shroom – satin formula, shimmery beigey color, looks good as an allover color, small dip, flip top container


Jurlique Birch Shower Gel – RIS, 6.8oz, 90% full

Exclusively Michelle’s Body lotion in Cactus Flowers – RIS, 2oz, new, free with any swap


V’Tae Rain Blossom Aromatherapy Mist – “for the blues”, contains lemon verbena, lavender, freesia, tangerine, rose geranium. RIS, 6oz glass spray bottle. 90% full.



Book – Discover Rubber Stamping – hardback, 9x11”, 95 pages, never used or read

Book – The Color of Water, A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother – paperback, 291 pages, fascinating true story, read once by me, in good condition

Book – Anne Frank Remembered, The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family – paperback, 252 pages, some pictures, read once by me, in good condition

COMOTION Shrink Plastic – like Shrinky Dinks. For use with rubber stamping. kit includes 1 piece of sand paper, 6 sheets of shrink plastic, instructions, full color photo showing ideas and supplies, all in a resealable bag. opened bag to check it out and decided it wasn’t my kind of thing. nothing has been used. free with any swap


Wella Elan Plus leave-in conditioner and other creamy leave-ins

L’Oreal Feria Conditioner

L’Oreal CurlVive Gel

MOP Pear shampoo and body wash

small gwp sizes of high end (Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier, Nars, Calvin Klein, etc) eyeshadows, blushes(would really like a stick one), lipglosses, skincare, etc – I already have several items, so let me know what you have

Shisheido Cleansing Water or similar

Yves Rocher eye make-up remover or similar (something safe for contact wearers, and no oily or 2-phase formulas)

Acca Kappa Cocoa Body Shampoo

Natural Esscents shower gels, body creams, and sugar scrubs

Primal Elements shower gel in vanilla

good hand creams

Angelina’s hot chocolate mix

would love to try some interesting fruity-type perfume samples, especially vanilla based ones (except for CSP Vanilla, Vanilla Abricot, or Fresh Vanilla – I’ve already tried those)

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Hey JCE,

I'm interested in the Mac Viva Clam III and O. I don't know what to swap with because I'm not at home so I can give you a list of what I have. But I think I have the Bobbie Brown lip shine in Brandy, I need to double check.

If I have nothing to swap how much would you sell it for?
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Hey Loca! I emailed ya!
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JCE, I emailed you back
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