Carol's Daughter Products to Sell or Swap


*Update* I still have the following Carol's Daughter products available to sell or swap:

Love Body Spray (hazelnut, caramel, chocolate, honey, brown sugar --smells kinda like Angel), 2 oz., (used a couple times, not even 1/8 gone), retails for $14.00

Fragrance Oil in Netchem Meri (mango, sandalwood, vanilla and rose), dram, more than 3/4 full, no longer avail in this size, but retailed for $5.50 (1/3 oz size listed as discontinued on the CD site).

If you'd rather swap than buy, I am willing to swap for CD Almond Cookie products, Redken All Soft products, Mastey Traite Shampoo and Liquid Pac COnditioner, Aveda Retexturing Gel and Humectant Pomade, Elasta QP Mango Butter, Ion Vitalizing Hair Wax, and ARTec Colorist Shampoo in Red Clover, Cherry Bark, or Mahogany.

PM me with offers and/or any questions you may have. Thanks! ks

[ September 08, 2003: Message edited by: kurlyswirl ]
Bumping for the updates! [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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