Assorted Meow samples gone

samples are gone, thanks alacurl!

Last edited by RebeccaK; 08-22-2009 at 04:54 AM. Reason: gone!
Happy to send these out 'free' if someone wants to try them out. I thought there was no such thing as 'too pale' for me but I was wrong! =)

All in the "0-Inquisitive" category, unused/unopened ziplocs, (one got a bit wet on the label, though!), 1/4 tsp samples

Purrrfect Puss Chartreux 974
Pampered Puss Chartreux 974
Purrrfect Puss Persian
Flawless Feline Persian
Flawless Feline Siamese
Concealer Siamese
Flawless Feline Chausie (two samples)
Purrrfect Puss Chausie
Concealer Chausie
Pampered Puss Chausie

Send an address and I'll send the bunch!
Originally Posted by RebeccaK
still have samples
Co wash: GTTT Conditioner
Rinse out: G 50:50 or GVPCB
Leave In: GDLI
Gel: KCCC and LA Looks Sport
My HG is Pink Boots!
I do - and a few more besides. I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner (I thought I had subscribed to the thread but I guess not!)

PM me!

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