Have you changed the way you shape your eyebrows in your 40s and beyond?

My brows have always been on the light side colourwise (although a tiny bit darker as I have aged). I had very full brows that met in the middle as I hit my teens, which I hated as the fashion in the 70's was for thin, plucked to death brows! My best girlfriend obligingly did the deed and plucked my brows until they conformed to the trend! I kept them like that for a few years and then started to grow them back. Sadly, they never did grow back completely. Those pre-plucked brows of my teens were, if I think back, great (apart from the 'middle' growth which is easily sorted!). I get them threaded now, around every 4-6 weeks or so and keep them as full as possible. Def think med-med thick looks more youthful. Re an 'arch' - if one has a natural arch to the brow then keeping that is great but if no natural arch, then IMHO best not to create one. I think keeping one's own natural shape as much as poss looks the most natural and youthful!
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My thyroid used to be really messed up (from taking stinkin' Synthroid or Levoxyl for 20 years - CRAP). Since finding out about natural thyroid and being on it for 3 years (or is it 4 now???), my brows have started to grow back. Only the outer 1/2 was super sparse, almost to the point of non-existence. I actually HAVE outer brows now. But, I've never had to tweeze much before or after thyroid issues. Just a little bit. So, as for shape?... nah. They haven't changed much. And I don't see myself changing them at this point, either.
Janet ~ Northern NJ
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