So I Placed My Orders....

So I think it's been about six weeks that I've been using this stuff. WOW - wowowowowow! I have long lashes. They are not thicker and they are certainly not darker but boy are they longer. I just started noticing the difference a few days ago when I wear mascara. I'm loving this. Hopefully they will fill out a bit over time. My lashes are so light that it's hard to tell if there are many new little one's, even with mascara on.

Thanks again for this thread. I never would have tried it without you guys!
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Woo Hoo!! I'm glad it's working for you. I've been using it around 10 weeks now and the ad says it takes 16 weeks to see full results. Mine are so long now, that it's funny, but they haven't thickened up. I like that they don't look too bad even without mascara. When I'm not wearing mascara I love to play with them.

My eyebrows are looking great also. They do seem to be darkening. I'm going to wait awhile before I have them waxed even tho' they are looking a little scraggly.

Years ago I had permanent makeup put on my lower lid. It faded quite a bit, so it wasn't that noticeble. Now that line is darkening up. Not sure why that is happening, but I like it. When I take off my makeup at night I look so much better now.
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