I Enlarged The Print On My Computer...

OMG! It's amazing. I had it a 100%, but now it's at 125%. It's so much easier to read and I wear reading glasses. 5 years from now I may have to increase it again.
I discovered that by accident a few days ago myself. I don't need it yet but its good to know.
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It's nice to keep these little tibits tucked away for the future. If I increase it, I may be able to read the screen without my glasses.
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but then what about other stuff?
Wile, you would really laugh if you could see me. The glasses I have at home only have one arm on them, so they are crooked on my face.
Thank-you!! I can now actually see the words instead of guessing at them.
What a WONDERFUL day!!
Great feature to know about. We all tend to lose our reading eyesight as we age. I just want to tell everyone though as the years go by and it seems to get really bad, be sure to have your eyes checked for cataracts. My eyes got so bad in my late 50's I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to see anything in "old" age only to find out I had cataracts (which most of us will get) on both eyes. Cataract surgery (along with Crystalens which eliminated glasses for the most part for reading) and my sight is worlds better.
Munchkin, I didn't realize you were "in your prime."

I tell people my eyesight is bad, because I'm on the computer all day. Has nothing to do with my age.

I, agree, we need to have a eyes checked yearly. I'm overdue and you just reminded me I need to get in there. Thanks.
I enlarged the print on my computer a while back, but I found it threw some things off that I have to read for work. I ended up getting computer glasses. They cost over $100 and I lost the first pair within 2 months grrr! But they do help so I got another pair. Unfortunately one side that hooks over my ear is gone (don't remember what happened), so now they sit on my face crooked. A co-worker laughed (he annoys me anyway), and said I should get new ones. Not unless he's paying for them. They do help but I don't wear them 100% of the time.
Huh. My eye doc recommended computer glasses. Didn't want to spend the money. But I'm getting tired of explaining to everyone why my monitor is so low - I'm looking through my bifoculs.

By the way, ordering all these CG samples is really challenging my vision. Think I need magnifying glasses to read this stuff, especially the brown on black background. What are these marketing people thinking???
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I get really frustrated when I'm trying to read labels for skin and hair products.

Don't laugh, but I got myself a magnifying glass and I keep it in my purse. It helps.
This is one part of getting older that completely, totally sucks. I am not happy about not being able to read something really small or sew unless I don't have on glasses or contacts and have something right up next to my eyes. For regular reading, reading glasses (over multifocal contacts) are ok, but I hate having to take them off and put them on all the time, and search for them when I've misplaced them. I have worn contacts forever so I won't have to DEAL with glasses. Aaargh!

They can put a man on the moon, but they can't correct my vision now that I'm in my 40s? WTH?
OH, I SO agree on the hair product labels! And to add insult to injury, I recently ordered a DT that had black print on dark brown background! Still not sure if I'm using this right cause I can't read anything on this label.
54, mix of 3a, 2b,c, with the occasional straight strand thrown in to keep things interesting. Low porosity. Very fine!

HG: CJCF Never lets me down.
Others I Like: DevaCurl One Co, CHSCK, Giovanni Smooth as Silk, SSDD, AnGel, DevaCurl No Poo, Elucence Moisture Balancing Condish, Curls Like Us towels.

"Still crazy after all these years" Paul Simon
Try reading silver print on a clear bottle. I am refusing to buy any product that is stupid enough to do this.

I wanted to add, that I also can't thread a needle anymore. I have a pair of pants that need the hem sewn back in and they are just sitting in my closet.

I dread the day that I can't put on my makeup without using one of those magnifying mirrors. I don't look very good magnified.
I am already having trouble putting on eye makeup! I can see super close up (for instance, to thread a needle), without contacts, but being THAT close to a mirror doesn't work for putting on makeup. Once I put my contacts in, I can see close up only with reading glasses, and you can't put on eye makeup while wearing reading glasses.

I put makeup on as best I can with a regular mirror, then do touch-ups with a magnifying mirror. The magnifying mirror is also good for seeing where concealer needs more blending.
I've been using a lighted magnified makeup mirror for years. Otherwise how would I be able to find those lovely chin hairs?
Gettin old sucks! : )
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I use Firefox and enlarge the font on my laptop at home all the time.

I've enlarged it at work, only to make it a little smaller because I've lost too many fields I need to see easier - scrolling across is a pain, sometimes.

Went to no-line bifocals a few years ago and am trying contacts again for the first time in ages. (I couldn't wear them for 10 years because of a job situation that caused me to fall asleep wearing them once too often.)

I've been doing the reading classes and contacts combination as well but makeup application is a challenge.

Magnified mirror is the only thing that helps.

It's also scary.
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*evil grin*

I wonder if that setting will enlarge other things....

Just have to find some pr0n and see



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