I Just BC And have no idea what to do next!

Hi! I just bc yesterday after 3 months of transitioning and I am confused and terrified. My hair looks nothing like I thought it would and my family is not exactly being supportive. My daughter tells me it looks awful, my husband isn't even looking at my hair. (Although they all knew I was doing this)

I was excited when I did it, couldn't wait to do it, watched a million YT videos, read every article I could, but now feel lost.

My hair is fuzzy and the stylist left way too many permed strands so they stick out everywhere, making it look fuzzier. I DC last night and bought some shears to cut what I could but it still looks horrible. When I first came home I cowashed, applied HE longterm leave in (which seemed too thick) then applied some ecostyler to get some curl definition, but my hair was crunchy and dry looking, not shiny, and the leave in mixed with the ecostyler left a film.

So I decided to wash and DC before going to bed to remove the products and moisturize. After DC with AO Honeysuckle Condish and Olive Oil, I applied a quarter sized ORS Mayo leave in, then my sheacoco butter.

When I woke up this morning I had a flat, dry fuzzy looking mess. I am DISTRAUGHT! I have no idea what to do now. Do I co wash every morning? Is it bad to pick out my TWA after washing to give it more volume? Will that break my fine hair? (possibly 4a/4b) What happened to the curls I saw while transitioning?

I work in the legal field and I have no idea how to work this without wigs. I don't want to wear wigs until this grows enough to twist. I'm over 40, so who is to say I will get the same growth rate as the younger ones going natural?

I would appreciate any advice from anyone to help get through the next few days. Is this how it typically feels immediately after BC?
You will probably get more advice on the hair boards.
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yes, I would also suggest posting this on the main hair board. I have no idea what a BC is, sorry!
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Cowashing and applying product in the morning would be better than doing it at night. You could apply your product and then use a headband like these:


They're cute, come in a lot of different colors to match your outfits, and look really neat when you don't know what else to do with your hair as it grows. They're at every grocery store, Walmart, and drugstore. I bought a pack of six for around $2.99.
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yes, I would also suggest posting this on the main hair board. I have no idea what a BC is, sorry!
Originally Posted by bunniee23
BC = Big Chop ... as in cutting off a lot of hair.

Step One - Inhale deeply and remind yourself that hair does grow back.

Now, if your stylist didn't cut it properly and there are bits sticking up here and there, consider going back and making them fix it. BC's are drama enough without having them botched.


Curl Wiki - Hair Recipies - Hair Photos

I'm not sure how long your hair is, but you may be putting in too many products. Try co-washing and then just a leave-in or sheacoco butter. You may not need both. Hang in there. I've been natural 8 years now (3 BC) and it does get better. HTH
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