When will it start??

Here's some humor for you: Menopause, Menopause Symptoms and Humor, Perimenopause, Menopause Support Forum

And her forum is here: Welcome to Minnie Pauz! • Index page

There's not only a lot of good info there, but also other women who are going through it all and/or have been going through it already.

And if you want a positive perspective on it, read some of Suzanne Somers' books on the subject. She's no dummy when it comes to bioidentical hormones. And there's a LOT to be said for them.
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^^ Great website. I may be having a few symptoms but I could be reaching since I want it so badly.
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I'll be 43 soon and only sign I have is frequent periods. Like every 23-24 days, yuck. I have read that this is the 40 year old body trying desperately to get another baby before it winds down.
Originally Posted by Robin-in-FL
I'm 49 and this is the only change I've noticed. Spotting for a few days, then the real thing for a couple of days. Cycles tend to be shorter than they used to be, though they still vary wildly--25 days some months, 31 days another.

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