The one part of the face that never changes...

My mother had a friend who once said that the one part of the face that never ages are one's eyes.

Do you think that is true?
Nope, mine have changed considerably over the years.
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- Terry Pratchett
I think my eyelids are heavier now and starting to droop a little. Even make-up does not look the same on me and I must go lighter with it.
Eyes definitely do change. Not just the skin around them, which sags and bags and creases, but eye color can change and as you age, especially as one approaches very old ages. The eyes become clouded and glassy looking. Some eyes much more than others. I think this is due to changes in fluid, opacity and elasticity.

Eyes definitely change. Aside from the other changes mentioned above...sags, bags, color, etc... eyeballs tend to SHRINK as we age. I had very large eyes in my youth. Now...they're smaller.
Your vision can also change. I know mine has.
From Michael Berg:

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My eyes used to be dark brown almost black. Now they are light brown with some blue/grey mixed in. I figured it was the beginnings of cataracts, but no. Just fading.
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I agree with everyone so far. Eyes change. They can get lighter or darker, and definitely usually get smaller.
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