Peri-menopause questions

Thanks for the responses everyone. I keep forgetting to check this old thread. I'm sort of at a "head in the sand" point with all this since we have no health insurance. But I have to go in for a pap and mam so I guess I'll ask for a bit longer appt and see what the gyno thinks. Things have been a little better lately ***I think*** because I'm trying to eliminate sugar and starchy carbs. I seem to feel a whole lot better when I eat this way. I don't know, maybe that has nothing to do with it.
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It may have a lot to do with it. I stopped eating carbs and sugar in April. Not only did I loose 21.2 lbs, but I feel healthier. I do allow myself to have a carby treat once a week and usually it's a pig out party (bagel..nestle crunch..Ben and Jerry's Phish Food). YUMMY!!!!!! Good luck at the Dr.

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