Plantar fasciitis

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Hi curlies, I am looking for advice / experiences in recovering from this. I believe I did it in July on my trip to Scotland, because I walked and hiked a LOT and loved it, but in my notions of efficient international packing I just took a pair of rather elderly (but not worn out) running shoes, instead of my hiking boots.

I avoid going barefoot, and I sleep with a night splint. I also try to stretch before exertion, like dance class (not willing to give up dance class yet, although I did invest in a pair of dance sneakers). The pain is actually mild and doesn't really interfere with activities, but I wonder if I should be doing more to "cure" it?

If anyone is asking why don't I go to a doctor, the reason is that I went freelance recently and although I do have catastrophic insurance, this would be completely out of pocket but I will go if everybody says I should.

Does it really take 6 to 18 months to get better, which is what I read in an article online? Why does it take so long? Is this because staying off our feet isn't really an option for most of us? Would that help anyway?

I also read that "older" people are at higher risk for this, and was a little depressed about that, because on my trip I was asked more than once if I was a student in my Gap year, probably because I acted like one, staying in hostels, dancing until midnight, staying up to see the sunrise on the beach, hiking up mountains. It was a great trip, and I ignored the plantar fasciitis until I got home in mid-August. I'll be 49 in January, by the way.

I tell myself that people of any age can get this, although I never did until now, even when I ran 10Ks. Still, it's a reminder that I'm not 24 anymore

thanks for any advice!
Your trip sounds fabulous! I found this on the NIH web site:

Plantar fasciitis - PubMed Health

I've also had plantar fasciitis -- I think I got mine from wearing flip flops, not dancing and hiking! I did heel stretches before I put my foot out of bed each morning and started wearing ugly, but supportive shoes all the time.
It took a bit of time to stop hurting, but not months and months.

Good luck!
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I agree with DC curly. It took me about 3-4 weeks to heal completely. Good luck with that!
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My husband had this in his right foot, such that it was quite painful with each step. Mind you, although he's 69, he's not at all decrepit - in fact he's quite healthy overall, trim and fit, works out regularly etc. Nonetheless, that plantar fasciitis set in. After doing a bunch of research(some of which was pretty depressing like it is for many hard-to-treat chronic conditions)he ended up doing a simple home routine twice a day of an ice pack on the bottom of the affected foot, followed by stretches aided by a firm exercise band that I have(which I used and still use for my generally-beneficial leg rehab exercises). Over the course of a couple of months, this really did help and he's pretty much free of this painful condition. If he has even the slightest indication that it might flare up again(which it can)I tell him to go at it pre-emptively with that simple treatment.
Try all the home stuff first, and ONLY go for further treatment when that's not helping. Some people have to have surgery but that comes with it's own problems(one will be laid up, and then have to rehab afterwards)including it not helping all that much.
Last but not least, people of almost any age can get this, from a variety of causes. But wearing good supportive shoes does help along with simple treatment. Unfortunately a lot of people are wearing very unsupportive shoes that look cute and all, but are not good for lots of walking, like thin ballet flats and flip-flops. Hope this helps!
I've had it off and on since I was 12. My feet are pretty flat, and I over pronate.

I find it most helpful to get fitted for shoes at a place that deals with problem feet and/or diabetic feet. The place where I shop has pedorthists on staff, and they can also custom make shoes.

I do well with the brand the recommend as long as I replace every six months. I have a standing/walking job on concrete, and I feel it when the shoes start to age.

I also try not to be barefoot too often as this seems to be non productive for me.

I stretch my calves, and I have a roller that I use on my arches. You can use a soup can, tennis ball, etc..

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There are many things you can do to treat your plantar fasciitis. I had plantar fasciitis for about a year and I discovered that treatment is individual. Things that work for one will not always work for the other. The good news is that you have many treatments you can try but you must be persistent and patient. For me it was taping that accelerated my healing
I have found a good plantar fasciitis treatment review website in this link. There are many self care treatments ideas in there but I think that if you can you should consult a podiatrist before you do something.
Take care
I have delt with plantar facitis more times then I can count! I have an athletic training degree and am waiting to take my certification test,.I have also delt with it for many years from playing softball and my hatred of shoes. Rolling a tennis ball under your foot is your best option in that sense bc for most people the tennis ball is a perfect fit and it feels pretty good! During the evening and night ice and exercises with the ball and stretching, and your brace. In the morning heat to loosen up the stiffness and using the tennis ball and stretching will help. Taping is good but it can be tricky to tape your arches yourself

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You can also try getting arch supports to help relieve the stress during.the day

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Thanks for all the help. guys! I'm going to try being more disciplined with the massage and stretches, and maybe some arch supports (Superfeet?). I have high arches, which may have contributed to this problem in the first place.

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I love my pink Superfeet insoles. They helped tremendously on the high impact exercises I do, I only use them in my exercise shoes (but I have a sit down job). I had PF in my right foot and took me a while from just walking the dog--seemed to set in around 40 for me. I found I just had to be extra vigilant about stretching. And yes, it can come back, when I feel it coming on I know I need to pay attention to my stretching. Be careful not to over stretch too. In the beginning, when I would just be sitting watching TV at night I would just do gentle stretching to get it slowly stretched out. I found more often stretching to be more helpful in the beginning. Good luck, now that I have found what triggers it for me and what to do, I don't have any reoccurance that I can't handle.
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soft footbed birkenstocks work for me, and orthotics w my hiking boots. i've had it a bunch. dont let it stop you, i hike every day..
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I had PF about 12 years ago. I started wearing orthotics in athletic shoes and Birkenstocks (well, knock off's). I did go to the dr. and he wrapped my feet, but I think the turning point came when I got a steroid shot in each heel. Kind of painful, but it really helped.


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Steroids? will that help?
I have acquired a pair of green Superfeet arch support insoles that I can transfer to whichever shoes I'm wearing. And I wear the night splint.
Gradually getting better!
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I was just to the podiatrist this week and was diagnosed with this problem. He also gave me two stretches to do when leaning against the wall to stretch out the calf muscles. Doesn't seem to be doing much yet, but I'm only a few days into it. The condition is very bad when first getting up in the morning and than again after sitting for long periods of time. After walking a bit, the pain decreases but is still there. I'll have to try and find some quality insoles as well.
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I combined the ball massage and cold-pack technique per the podiatrists nifty advice; freeze a bottle of water and roll that from toe to heel slowly for 10 minutes at a time. It really helped build it into a routine if I froze the bottle at home and took it in to work. I never had time after waking up and was always rushed getting to work, so when I settled in at my desk - reading first email, getting started, doing foot exercise, sipping coffee - check! A routine was born.
Use any old 16oz plastic water bottle, don't fill it all the way to the top, give 3" or so for expansion when freezing- voila, free foot therapy toy.
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I have been struggling with this for a while. I have recently started searching for homeopathic remedies. I started MSM and had a dramatic relief in pain, but still not gone. Am going to start ACV wraps my next day off and see how they work. I wish you better luck with the stretches and insoles than I had.
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I've had a number of foot issues from injuries after training with Taekwondo, I don't have PF but I started wearing Crocs Rx Relief shoes and it made a huge difference. I read the recommendations and others with PF experienced comfort and relief with it too. I can't get my son to wear them because of the way they look but he has PF - he wears a specific athletic shoe and also very rigid hiking boots for relief, He never goes barefoot. We hope he grows out of it as well.
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Just got these from Orthaheel and I love them! Who knew arch support could be so cute?
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I combined the ball massage and cold-pack technique per the podiatrists nifty advice; freeze a bottle of water and roll that from toe to heel slowly for 10 minutes at a time. It really helped build it into a routine if I froze the bottle at home and took it in to work. I never had time after waking up and was always rushed getting to work, so when I settled in at my desk - reading first email, getting started, doing foot exercise, sipping coffee - check! A routine was born.
Use any old 16oz plastic water bottle, don't fill it all the way to the top, give 3" or so for expansion when freezing- voila, free foot therapy toy.
Originally Posted by aethernaught
I totally agree with this! My routine was: massage my feet before I get out of bed. Use the frozen bottle of water at work. Switch to SAS shoes. (Ugly and expensive, but pain free feet were worth it.)

Gradually, I switched to FitFlops (both the sandals and boots). Cuter and just as comfortable as the SAS shoes.

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I have found that I have flare-ups when I wear shoes without support, like cheap flip flops. When I wear Birkenstocks or Orthaheel thongs, I am pain free.

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