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fitover40 02-06-2012 05:41 PM

Basal Cell in part
I figured maybe some fellow over 40's could empathize. I have my second basal cell on my head in my hair. The first one didn't bother me too much getting it cut out since it was on the crown, this one however is right in my part and only about 1/2" back from my hairline in the front. My hair is very thin to boot, not sure how I'll be able to camoflauge while it's healing and if it will cause my hair to go in a different direction once healed and cause styling issues (I already have enough from the thinness). If only I knew then what I know now......

curlypearl 02-06-2012 08:40 PM

I really can empathize. I had brain surgery and both where they took out the tumor and where they put in a drain (sorry if TMI) I don't have hair and my hair is thin to start.

Your situation, I'm sorry to say, actually sounds worse because it's in the part. Can you part it on the other side? :happy8: Or do a style without a part?

I hope it turns out that the surgery is minimal. Please post back! BTW, I have found that coloring my hair makes it thicker, so if that is an option for you, think about it. The permanent color coats the strands.

Good luck!!!

fitover40 02-08-2012 12:29 PM

Had it cut out yesterday. Will see what kind of scar forms and how the hair reacts. This is the 4th scar now (2 from a car accident when I was 5 and 2 now from basal cell removals). The funny thing is, I think my hair is a bit thicker on the side that has the scars!

I will part it on the other side for now while the wound heals even though I think it's either thinner on that side (and therefore more scalp show through) or it has more grays so therefore looks like less hair to me?

I need to focus on the positive aspects of my hair and not the negative, especially because I'm the only one that really notices....others probably are just accepting it as just being me, and if they don't then they aren't worth my time. Hope that doesn't sound harsh.

Thanks for replying!

curlypearl 02-08-2012 09:25 PM

Sounds good fitover! I always tell myself "be happy you have hair!" because my grandma and aunt went bald.

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