Sore breast after total hysterectomy and bilat oophorectomy

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It will be 6 years for me in October. I am 37 years old. I am on a low dose of estrogen and progesterone. I'm assuming the sore breasts are due to my estrogene levels being a little too high. They feel like they do when I used to get a period. I have my annual checkup next week with my gyn. I am going to bring this up.

Has anyone experienced this? I do not want to stop taking hormones because I know that I need them especially at my age. I have no trouble with lubrication during sex and rarely have to use anything else. No vaginal dryness, no hot flashes or nightsweats. I'm pretty much the same as before my hyst, only difference is no period, no pain, and sex is more amazing due to this!
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Why don't you have hubby massage them
unless they are too small
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It sounds like it could be due to increased estrogen. I am almost 36 and it will be 10 years for me in August. I know that I have fluctuated my hormones a lot through the years and often times my breasts show signs; changing sizes, sensitivity etc. Also, even at times where I have not actually made changes to my hormone prescriptions, you can get estrogen or hormone type things from foods and vitamins; it's sort of hard for me to explain what they are called. But for example, foods like soy are high in estrogen 'type' properties, so when I started eating a lot of soy bean based foods, I eventually stopped having to take as much estrogen pills. Also, supplements like black cohosh can do a similar thing. And there are many things like this, so you may have added something to your diet or regimen that is mimicking a hormone.
I don't know if you have heard of a website called Hysterectomy Support Discussions, Before Hysterectomy, After Hysterectomy, Recovery - HysterSisters
but it has been really helpful for me for many years, it's a forum like this and you can get tons of info and also read articles, ask questions, research meds, etc. There is lots of info about hormones also

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