DIY Deodorant and hot flashes

I've seen a few recipes for DIY deodorant on these forums and the web, and I really want to try it. I want to reduce the chemical input as much as possible. However, I've recently started having hot flashes, and they seem to come every 30-60 minutes. Plus, I live in Houston where it's always humid, and usually hot (95+ in the summer).

Anyone know whether a DIY deo will hold up under these conditions?
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It really depends on the deodorant and your body chemistry. There are so many different kinds of deodorants and women--for instance, I can't wear Tom's or any deodorant with baking soda and I sweat and smell A LOT. I have a friend who just doesn't wear deodorant some days and she never smells. For me, there was a lot of trial and error and I've finally found a deodorant recipe that works for me and doesn't give me a rash, but it's only good for about 12 hours (I have to reapply before bed or I wake up smelling awful).
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