Hair straight before puberty going straight at 41

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My hair was straight until I went through puberty then it got wavy/curly. I've embraced the change, and now I'm 41 and I think it's going straight again. I'm not sure what's happening. It seems much straighter from the roots to about 3" and it's curly. I wonder if it could be hormones or maybe my thyroid. Anyone else have this??
My hair's always had that curl pattern, with the straightness at the top, and I've always had curls so I'm not in the same boat there, however I think my hair is definitely losing curl as I get older (I'll be 50 next year). It's also getting thinner and has been for some time, so I'm going to ask about it next time I'm at the docs. It's frustrating as I spent most of my life not knowing how to look after my curls and not having products to use, and now I do and I have my hair's getting less curly and just less generally.
Sorry, no help but I understand what a pain it all is.
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3b in South Australia.
My hair is usually rather straight at the roots, and even more so in the winter when the weather is cold and dry. I think the straightness at the roots is a 3a characteristic; it corkscrews the rest of the way down. Pictures of me as a toddler show a stick-straight bob.
I am 47 and my hair is doing this too. It is pretty long now and the length is pulling it straighter so I am just blow-drying it straight and going for the long,straight-haired look. I think it looks OK. My hair is pretty thick, and I cover the grey (I only have a small amount of grey), so this still works for me. If my hair starts to thin or the grey starts to be too much to keep up with, I'll keep it shorter.

There is nothing wrong with curly,wavy or straight hair.

Be happy with yourself the way you are and work with it. It's pointless and self-destructive to worry that you don't look the way you used to. (Unless it is related to a health problem.)
Yes. I had wavy hair as a child that went to 3b hair around puberty. It relaxed a little when I was pregnant and right afterwards, but eventually went back to 3b. I have noticed lately that the curl is falling out again. I'm more of a 3a or maybe even into the 2 category now. And the texture has changed a little - not nearly as course as it used to be. I'm almost 43 now. I do think it has to have something to do with hormone changes. It's strange. I feel that I am at the mercy of my hormone happy hair....

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I think many people have changes in their hair throughout life. As a kid I was probably 2B-3A. In my 20's-40's I was 3B-3C, and now as it gets more grey it is changing to 3A.
--I'm located in Western PA.
--I found NC in late 2004, CG since February 2005, started going grey in late 2005.
--My hair is 3B with some 3A, texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
--My long time favorite products are Suave & VO5 conditioners, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar.
--My CG and grey hair progress --

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